The First Random Acts of Shifeness of 2017

  • Ms. Frizzle's mortal enemies appear to be literacy and clean floors. She's extremely unwavering in her desire to eat every book she can get her jaws around and she's also furiously determined to devour a push broom. The publications and sweeping device are learning that hell hath no vengeance like a Labrador puppy. It can also be very tiring. And nothing is better than taking a nap on a pile of clean clothes. 
  • Kyle read a message I wrote on a dry-erase board that said: "Does this add value to your life?" It's a phrase I picked up from a podcast to help me in my efforts to not buy stuff. We have too much in the Shifley household and a lot of stuff that doesn't add value to our lives. Anyway, Kyle read it and then asked me if the hooded sweatshirt I was wearing brought value to my life. I said it does because it keeps me warm. Then he asked me if my goatee brought me value. I had to think about that one for a moment and I told him that it saves me time because I don't have to shave my whole face and thus brings me value. Kyle found that answer unacceptable and asked again. I thought a little longer and told him that it brings me value because Mrs. Shife finds my goatee sexy and irresistible so I get lots of kisses from her. Kyle then immediately left the room and then I heard, "Momma, do you find Daddy's goatee sketchy?"
    Mrs. Shife and I both laughed out loud a lot.   
  • The place I call home - Boise, Idaho - has seen more snow than any year since 1892. We have had 29.2 inches since Dec. 1. For some reason, this thought popped into my head:
  • If a flight attendant says "See you next time" as you're leaving the plane ... well that's not a good thing. It's code for "Eff you." Read all about it here.
  • It's Friday the 13th and a full moon. Should be an interesting day. 

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Apparently 1955 is the last time we saw
    as much snow as we have not. Today we
    have freezing fog which sure is pretty.
    Abby ate the leather spine off a volume
    of Shakespeare I bought in Oxford published
    in 1881. Labradors!

  2. 29.2 inches? WOW! I guess I shouldn't complain about our foot of snow.

  3. I adore the first photo
    " welcome to my world"

  4. wow, miss frizzle is getting big!

    i'm pretty sure she'll outgrow the reading phase. when spring comes she'll be busy excavating your back yard.

  5. If we get an inch of snow here it's making the news. I'll be sure to think about your weather tomorrow when it's 75 degrees here. Hopefully Ms. Frizzie makes friends with the broom soon.

  6. That picture of Ms Frizzle is hilarious! (less so, I'm sure, for those whose clothes were under her, but then, hey, everything gets pet hair on it eventually, so who cares?)

    Snow is usually good for kids and dogs. Hope this holds true for your family!

  7. Oh you sketchy man you. How cute! Miss F looks like she's all legs. Luckily we bypassed the super puppy age with all of the chewing, but we got the outside digging and leveling of bushes down to short sticks. As with human kids she will grow out of these fun stages. I want to thank you for your nice comments and support regarding our loss of Nellie. It's very helpful when someone knows how you feel.

  8. You learn the hard way with a Labrador. I know, I had two. Eventually learned that strict discipline and visits to a dog trainer was the only way to get round the problem of eaten books.... that and don't leave them lying around! It made me smile reading about it. Enjoy the snow, our snowfall lasted one day and now the rain has washed it away. Oh, yes, I forgot to say - I adore the little tale about the goatee beard!

  9. That Kyle sketchy story was HILARIOUS! I'm sharing that one with Mrs. Noisewater.


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