A 604,800 Second Recap

Or, for those of you scoring at home, a week.
  • Saturday - Hayden was pretty excited to don a gi and kick some stuff. Or maybe she wanted to kick Don and get some stuff. I have a hard time understanding her sometimes. Plus, Don is a real dick so you can see why I could get confused. But she appeared to be satisfied that I took her to her first karate class. 

  • Sunday - Death by Labrador. I took Ms. Frizzle for a walk and her canine senses must have been affected by the frigid arctic temperatures because she took me over a big patch of ice and down went Mr. Shife. I just wanted to lay there and cry but I was afraid my tears would freeze my eyes shut. Worst. Winter. Ever. We got snow, we got cold, we got freezing rain, we got ice dams, we got politicians sticking their hands in their own pockets ... well, you get the picture but here's a GIF in case you needed help. 

  • Monday - Martin Luther King Day. This quote of his seems appropriate right now with all that's going on with our new president.

  • Tuesday - It's January 17th and back to school for only the third time this month. Lots and lots of snow days this year. 

  • Wednesday - Saying goodnight to Hayden and trying to keep a straight face because Ms. Frizzle is dry humping one of Hayden's stuffed animals right behind her. I didn't think girl dogs did that but they most certainly do, and Ms. Frizzle was working that stuffed animal over like it owed her money or something. Here's terrible reenactment from a terrier and Pokemon doll.

  • Thursday - Well golly darn. You will never guess what happened? Another snow day for the kids. We got another couple inches of snow last night that turned to freezing rain and everyone woke up needing ice skates to get from point A to point B. Have I mentioned this is the worst winter ever? 

  • Friday - I think everyone knows what happened today. No need to remind you or do I? Of course, I am talking about the anniversary of  Hong Kong being ceded to the British back in 1841. What else would I be talking about? Did something of importance happen today? 

Enjoy your weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. It's been a trying day, possibly the beginning of the end of much of what I hold dear.

  2. We've had so many snow days, so far, last school
    day has been extended to June 20. Today is a two
    hour delay, one of many of those.
    stay warm!! xoxoxox

  3. I was wondering if you had been hit with the freezing rain and ice too; question answered. I remember those days of walking an energetic dog in the winter. It didn't bother her much, but I didn't like falling either. And good for Hayden, she is a little go-getter!

  4. dojo kun! she'll attain perfection of character very soon.

    i feel your pain on the ice, rip has caused me a few bruises on the ice.

  5. My brother was in high school when we moved to Florida. One of the first questions he asked after we had been here in the winter, "They don't get many snow days here, do they?".

  6. Whoa, that's a lot of snow days ... and yes, falling is not as much fun after you hit 25 or any age older than that. Actually, watch out for concussion if your head hits first. Nice thought to cheer you up, eh? Sorry! Hope you have a worry-free weekend and that your daughter doesn't decide to use you to practice on.

  7. Sympathy all round, ice and me don't get on anymore. Funny how animals seem to like it, though. Loved the gif of the cat jumping out of the snow. I actually laughed out loud. Back to the weather, it is Saturday morning and I can't go out because of thick fog. Swap you?

  8. Thanks now I have a permeant image of Ms. Frizzle dry humping one of Hayden's stuffed animals.

    Here in the UK we had one day of snow, and although it's cold here we haven't had anymore snow and for that I'm very grateful.

    That cat gif rushing through the door cracked me up. :D

  9. No snow days here! Mores the piity


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