Dog Days of November

  • Some dog updates for those of you keeping score at home. I talked to the people that took Tank and he's doing well. I really want to go visit him, but I have read that you should give the dog 16 weeks to give him time to adjust to his new surroundings. It's only been 2 weeks. I like Ms. Frizzle a lot, but I miss my basset. 
  • Speaking of Ms. Frizzle, she's doing well too. We are just having a hard time figuring out what she really likes to eat as she seems to change her mind all the time. Some times she's really into stuffed animals, socks, and shoes. Then there are times when she only wants crayons, paper, and wood. Occasionally she will throw in some coins, batteries, and household plants to make her diet super interesting. 
  • She eats everything. 
  • We had had to baby proof our house before but this will be the first time I have had to lab proof a house. 
  • A few of my most recent Google searches: "When will my labrador stop chewing everything," "Best chew toys for labs," "Drink recommendations to celebrate puppy achievements like her eating 2 remote controls," and "Am I certifiably insane?"
  • I ran across this expression about labs that gave me no hope at all: "Chew till they're 2. Shed until they're dead." Awesome.
  • Oh and she still occasionally shoots Yoo-Hoo in the house, and by Yoo-Hoo I mean poop, and by poop I mean some foul-smelling, liquid monstrosity that varies in color, viscosity, shape and odor because it depends on if Ms. Frizzle ate 14 crayons or took down Mrs. Shife's indoor ficus tree or if she devoured Hayden's Barbie because it seemed like a good snack until dinner time. 
  • Anybody dealing with post-election stress disorder? I'm being open minded and giving him the benefit of the doubt. If I think about it too much I will end up like Ms. Frizzle and dealing with a bad case of poop smoothies. 
  • That's all for today, folks. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Frizzle taking a break before she tries to eat the other slippers. 

I'm having a hard time figuring out if Hayden likes Frizzle or not.

Ms. Frizzle staying still for a moment before she tries eat the sandals behind her.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Children and dogs
    Like a horse and carriage

  2. Well, you know about the turkey fryer oil...
    Waaaay back in the day one of your FIL and MIL's mules
    kicked one of our labs in the head. I think it did some
    good... xoxoxox

  3. I'm having a harder time dealing with the election results than I would have imagined.

  4. I'd like to give you some kind of hope, but our puppy is still chewing on everything, mostly socks and other undergarments.

  5. you have me smiling thinking of labs chewing things.

    40 years ago i had a lab cross pup and he chewed everything for about a year until he ripped and chewed a wiring harness out of my motorcycle. i got mad and whipped his nose with the chewed wires and that was the last time he chewed anything.

    take lots of pictures of the chewed stuff and 40 years from now you'll smile when you look at them.

  6. Awwwww, but look at that face ;) We got Nellie when she was about 6 months old. She didn't eat a lot of things but she did dig. Given the chance she probably still would. I'm with Stephen, this has been really hard. Maybe Trump was right all along when he said the election was rigged; just the wrong way though. Sorry to hear about the 2 officers and K-9 that were shot in Boise today, just way too much of this going on.

  7. If you will leave things lying around.........

    Will you believe me when I say 'it will pass'? One thing I discovered when I went to dog (labrador) training classes was that it was me needed the training not the dog. One tip for for you for when Ms Frizzle gets a bit too out of hand...always have a small bottle of water handy, one that squirts liquid - and squirt it at the dog when she plays up. After a few squirts of water she will behave just by looking at the bottle.

  8. We have had five yellow Labs over the years and three of them have chewed to Olympic standards. You name it, they ate/chewed it, but it got a tad expensive when one of them started on paper money... We have two girl Labs now and the older doesn't chew anything (apart from food) but the younger one likes most things she shouldn't have. I'm not sure that they ever completely stop chewing.
    Did you know that a Labrador is a life support system for a stomach !!!

  9. I don't believe Ms Frizzle is even capable of shooting poop smoothies, because she is too cute. You fibber you.


  10. With a sweet face like that, give a gal some slack! or another pair of shoes!!

  11. So I don't think labs stop chewing at all! Good luck :-)


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