Random Acts of Shifeness - Summer Is Almost Over

  • The kiddos are back home safe and sound. It was a little rough as we re-entered the Case de Shifley atmosphere. A few flames and turbulence, but all's well and we are back together again. 
  • Kyle is enjoying his last week before school starts because he's in Jedi camp.  He told me it was the best camp ever and I have snuck over a few times without him knowing it to observe him and he's definitely having a blast. They were playing dodge ball and he kept yelling to the other kids that he was invincible. It turns out he was right as no one was able to knock him out. It might also help that he hid behind one of the camp counselors. You can see Kyle in the red shirt, plaid shorts talking to a big guy in a black shirt. As he likes to call it, he was hacking the system. 

  • Tank has a new buddy.

  • I sometimes forget that she's only 4. 

  •  Hayden says she hopes you have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. I know those monkey bars, I know that kitchen :-)

  2. Conquering the monkey bars is a VERY big deal in grade school. By the time my daughter got it, she had such bad blisters that I had to write a note to her teacher to keep her off of them :)
    Curious about the flames and turbulence, maybe next week?

  3. Oh my goodness, Hayden sounds so much like my niece's 4-year-old it is amazing - the voice, the word choice, the diction - if I wasn't watching a completely other little girl talking, I'd have sworn it was her. Hayden has those monkey bars down COLD, by the way.

    And it's great that Kyle is having a good time at camp. Some kids, some camps ... just don't hit it off. (Thinking of my daughter's experience at Brownie camp, with the dishpan full of mostly food pieces plus a little tepid water that they washed their dishes in. She was the gaggy kid, too.)

    Turbulence is always to be expected when kids or adults for that matter have to change gears. If it doesn't happen there's something wrong. :)

  4. It is amazing what kids can do. Mine surprise me every day.

  5. I'm seeing a future Olympian here.

  6. invincible, just like his dad. can't argue with superior genetics.

  7. Kyle is in Jedi Camp? Has he learned to use the power of suggestion or move stuff with his mind yet? Maybe by next summer he will have it down pat.

    Sounds like the kiddos are having lots of fun!!!!!!


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