Summer Soul Searching in St. George

A little more details about our recent vacation as we had a Shifley family reunion in St. George, Utah. There aren't too many Shifleys left that I'm related to and my cousin and I thought it would be a good idea to get the families together because we Shifleys need to know the other Shifleys. 
Plus, it made the house we rented a little cheaper with another couple.
I also did tell Mrs. Shife that I would try and find a second wife since we were in Polygamy Nation.  And surprisingly she told to me to go for it.
I then realized that my wife is much, much smarter than me because my theory of making more Shifleys didn't hold much water since I got fixed by the vet. 
Do you remember that wonderful story? 
Click here if you want to read all about the worst vasectomy ever. 
On with the story and enough talk about my testicles. 
You're welcome for that image. 
But, to borrow a line from "Seinfeld," they are real and spectacular

Now I'm wondering if anyone has met someone with a fake testicle?
I know it's popular with the canine community.

Wow. This post has gone places I never expected. 
Our vacation was great and a much-needed break from work as I did some soul searching as you might have guessed by the title of the blog. 
I need to make some changes.
Professionally, I'm not doing what I want to do, and I don't want to wake up five years now having this same conversation on my blog.
And if I am unhappy professionally, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it spills over into my personal life. 
Maybe it's because I was in awe of Zion National Park and my zest for life rekindled. 
Or maybe I just realized I am the master of my own domain and if I want to make changes then I am the one that has to do it. 
It will not be easy, there up some down moments and there will be points when I doubt myself, but I have some real and spectacular working skills that will help me get where I want to be.
Thanks for listening.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.  


  1. First, thanks for the link because that was before I started reading and I missed that spectacular series and it made me smile although I'm sorry for your pain at the time ... Second, all the best with moving forward on career change. My husband did the same thing at about the same time in our lives, and while there have been some hairy (unemployed) times, he is way happier now and even ended up doing the kind of work he wanted to do when he was young. May you find the path to happiness.

  2. Glad to hear you all had a good time - Jason and Chaunee are in Alaska this week. :-)

  3. It's hard launching a new career in the search for personal satisfaction. So many familial responsibilities to consider. I changed careers at 40 and launched my own business. Fortunately my wife was supportive and it worked out. I wish you the best.

  4. Often it takes removing yourself from a situation or your normal area to gain some perspective and see things clearly. Hope it will work out. Happiness is very important.

  5. Think of it this way, Matt, you have succeeded so far - work, family, etc - so think SUCCESSFUL along the next path you walk on. Always look up, never down. Good luck in everything, my friend.

  6. Getting away from it all helps clear the head. You are young enough to make changes. We're all rooting for you!

  7. i basically hated my job for the last 10 years but i stayed out of spite. i always thought of retirement. changing jobs probably would have meant working longer, and working longer is not a good thing in my books.

    the testicle series set the gold standard in blogging.


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