Happy Canada Day!!

I wish I could celebrate with all of my Canadian friends, but I have some things I need to do.

First, I need some new pants. Probably some new friends too for not talking me out of my decision to say hello to the "friendly" bull.

Then I gotta ... well I think the GIF kind of explains it all. I know. What a crazy, busy day, huh? I'll be lucky to have any down time. 

In all seriousness, today is a day I want to crawl in a hole and kind of forgot all about it. I lost my mom today and it's easier to deal with it because it's been 8 years now, but it's just something I will ever get over. Anyway, I do have some stuff going on today because the world keeps turning even if I want to hit the pause button. 

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. I will celebrate Happy Canada Day for you :-)
    Though in my time... it was called Dominion Day.
    A long time ago.

  2. That guy with his pants getting ripped off - why doesn't he run away! Also, does it seem like the bull is intentionally trying to rip his pants off? I like any victory for the animals in those cruel sports. Thanks for the laugh. But sorry about losing mom. She would be proud of you, my friend.

  3. Press that Pause button. Yes, the world will keep on moving but, sadly, it doesn't move so fast that you can't catch up tomorrow.

    Taking a day out to remember your mom and grieve for your loss is a fine idea.

  4. Oh Canada...our home and native land...Canada Day is exciting, even for a non-canuck like me (mostly because I'm a hockey fan) sorry its such a somber day for you. Nothing wrong with crawling in a hole...except that eventually you'll have to come out. :/

    But you'll get through it. Persevere. be the stream. (I'm not sure what that means but I like it)

    The Pedestrian Writer

  5. Happy Canada Day. If I'm not mistaken you're 149 today.

  6. And there's no reason you can't hit the pause button. Sometimes, especially when you're remembering someone so close, you have every right to.

  7. Yes, hit the pause button - nobody says you can't. Take time to remember your Mom and think back to those happy times you had with her. God bless you, Matt.

  8. Pausing is good sometimes. Thinking of you today. Hope you and the family have a good 4th.

  9. I hear you, Mr. S. My dad died a year and four days ago. The memories have been replaying for the last two months. People say in time you'll remember the good things more than the sadness, but it's not happening yet, and I don't know that it will. I hope so. For you too.

  10. If in doubt, pause.

    Canada day was fine until all the fireworks started. Dogs and fireworks are not a match made in heaven. As for pants, a wonderful young man from the Phillipines pulled my pants down in the emergency ward 10 days ago.


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