Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Kyle helped get the week off to an interesting start as he was sleepwalking and thought me and Mrs. Shife's bedroom was the bathroom. Props to the little man for getting up to take care of business, but we are going to have put some exit signs in the highway to help get him to the bathroom. 
  • When he wasn't busy pissing on our bedsheets, Kyle was busy in the kitchen and making some art. He really likes helping out in the kitchen and made a salad for dinner the other night, and that photo is below. He also likes painting and put together a pretty cool one, which is also below. I'm not sure what the future holds for Bunga, but I'm glad he already has a few things that make him happy.

  • Tank is awesome, but he has a problem. He sheds a lot. We have tried everything under the sun to help curtail it a little bit, but nothing has worked. Our groomer finally talked us into shaving him and it was quite shocking to see Tanklin the first time after his bassillian. And as you can see from the first picture, he was super thrilled with his new look. The groomer thought he would be good to go through the summer and then we could get him another haircut in the fall. Well fast forward to present day in Idaho, and guess who needs another haircut? I don't know what superhero DNA the basset got when it came to fur but he surprised everyone at the groomers when he came in full of fur again. But I wouldn't have it anyway other with Tank Tank because I love that husky hound. 

  • Well that's all for this week. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon. And here's a picture of the kiddos enjoying their summer vacation. The jammies are staying on a lot longer these days.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Enjoy the summer!
    We find it interesting to see where Labrador hair migrates to...

  2. Tank has an exceptionally cute face. Happy Weekend.

  3. Tank is sooo cuddlesome. Oh and by the way, Kyle the boy is doing a grand job of tempting me to ask for an invite.

  4. That's the way summer vacations should be. Faith used to sleepwalk occasionally. I would wake up to her standing by my bed staring at me. She opened the front door once which prompted us to put bells on the doorknob. Thankfully she grew out of it, but the bells are still on the door :)

  5. i like having my car full of dog hair and rarely clean the side windows. dog hair is full of karma.

  6. Our cats are shedding up a storm also. Don't think I'll shave them, although I've seen it done - a very fluffy cat who got full of knots. It was summer so I think he kinda liked it. They left a pompom on the end of his tail.

    Here's to all of us having "a few things we like", as Kyle does. I believe that is the secret to a happy life.

  7. Love kids helping out in the kitchen!


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