Random Acts of Shifeness - Memorial Day 2016

  • Week 2 with the BAHA implant and things are definitely getting better. Sounds are starting to sound more natural, and I can now use it as a bluetooth device allowing me to stream music and my phone into my head. I'm still adjusting to hearing stuff that I never heard before like the humming of an electronic device. The sound that still gets my attention is footsteps whether it be mine, Mrs. Shife, the kids or Tank. I don't know why but I just like hearing them. The sound that I don't enjoy that much is the wind because it's just loud and the implant really picks it up. 
  • I promised Mr. Rosewater some news about Kyle Bunga as I haven't mentioned him a lot lately. Here you go my friend up north.

  • Kyle has 3 days of school left and then school's out for the summer. He will be a 2nd-grader in the fall and that still seems hard to believe.
  • He loves reading and math, and his favorite books right now are the Magic Tree House series.
  • He also loves playing Star Wars Lego on the Wii.
  • He doesn't like getting hair cuts and has informed us that he wants to have long hair because he wants to look like a pirate. 
  • Besides swimming lessons, Kyle will be going to Jedi camp and Junior Chef's camp this summer. 
  • Kyle has been asking for a new pet as his beta fish, Snowball, passed away. Mrs. Shife and I are still undecided, but I would wager we are going to hold off for a little bit. 
  • He's excited to meet the cow that he named Fuzzy. She was born on his birthday and his Grandpa gave him the honor of picking her handle. 
  • Recommendation of the week: "Bloodline" on Netflix. And beer. Both are really good. 
  • Quote of the week: The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it. – Michelangelo 

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Fuzzy! Probably a cutie just like Kyle (and Hayden)

  2. Do you mind a question? Does the exterior part of the implant come off at night or have you had to adapt to sleeping with it on? (I'm asking because I've had trouble adapting to "stuff" worn while sleeping. In the end, I was able to wear a bite plane for teeth issues, but not able to tolerate a CPAP machine. So I'm always wondering how other people get along with things like that.)

    I may have already said this, but your kids are such a great age right now. I have good memories of that period in our kids' lives. Not that I don't have good memories of other ages, and not that it wasn't a busy, busy time, but it was a really good time.

  3. Hi jenny_o. Yes the exterior part comes off (it's known as a processor) and I'm able to sleep like I have for my entire life. Let me know if you have any more questions as I'm glad to answer them. Take care.

  4. Thanks, Mr. S. Good to know about the processor.

  5. Your love of footsteps could come in useful one day, Matt, like when the kids sneak out in the firm belief they can't be heard. So pleased that all you've gone through is a success. Loved the update on Kyle, he's a looker already.

  6. The option of streaming directly to my head is rather tempting. That's definitely a surprise there. I'm glad it's working out for you.

  7. thanks for the update mr shife.

    is kyle counting down the days until summer holidays?

  8. Bloodline is such a great show, haven't started the new season but will soon. Did you watch The Night Manager on the AMC channel? It's a spy thriller with Hugh Laurie. I highly recommend it. Glad to hear that your hearing is becoming more natural.

  9. Why can't it be that he wants to have long hair like Kerry King from Slayer?


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