Can You Hear Me Now?

Yes I can.
But it's weird.
And certainly not as dramatic as the GIF I added, but surprisingly there's not a lot of good GIFs for "Can You Hear Me Now?"

Where was I?
Yes weird, and that is how I would describe my first few days with hearing in both ears.
The doctor said it's going to take a a little bit of time for my brain to handle all of this new stuff, and right now my brain is telling me this is weird.
I'm enjoying it, but it doesn't feel natural yet.
I'm hopeful it's just a few weeks before I'm fully acclimated to full-time hearing, but having single-sided deafness for more than 40 years isn't something you just move on from overnight.
I have spent my entire life compensating for hearing loss with little tricks and now I don't have to, which is also weird.
For example, I always make sure I position myself to be on right side of someone to be able to hear them and now it doesn't matter which side I am on, which is cool and not weird.
I think I have met my quota for using the word weird today.
Here's a picture of my new friend:

The device is supposed to be black, but they had to re-order it and I'm just using a demo mode until mine gets shipped back to me.

A few firsts for me with the BAHA:

  • The first thing I noticed when I had hearing was my footsteps. I left the doctor's office and walked down a concrete stairwell and heard my feet. The noise has always been there, but now I can hear it. 
  • I enjoyed hearing "I love you" for the first time in that ear from the lovely and amazing Mrs. Shife. She's the best.
  • The first song I played was "Remember When" by Alan Jackson. Why? Well that was my wedding song, and I still liked it.  I always wondered if my tastes would change with normal hearing like I start liking jazz instead of Metallica or I finally get Woody Allen humor. Nothing yet. Just soaking it all in and enjoying it.

BTW, Tank is super loud. For the love of fat bassets, our fat basset can make some noise.

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you later.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.

P.S. I promise to deliver some Kyle news next week, Mr. Rosewater.


  1. Let's hope Tank doesn't go into squirrel overload
    like Abby. She is out there right now in a thunderstorm
    and soaking rain. Congrats on your double hearing! :-)

  2. That's awesome news. I'm really happy for you.

  3. That is so amazing to consider, isn't it? I'm getting teary. Glad it went well. Enjoy all the sounds. If you're considering recommendations, my vote goes to raindrops on a summer day. I can't think of anything more peaceful in all the world. Keep us updated on your progress, eh?

  4. Let's hear it for weirdness!! Congrats and I hope it becomes normal to hear your footsteps and a loud basset very soon.

  5. Wondering how long it will take to get used to all the sounds in both ears. Happy for you, though, you've waited long enough for this to happen. Enjoy!

  6. congrats on the bionic ear!

    now drop whatever your doing and start looking for some new audio equipment on craigslist. i'm sure kyle will be able to hook it all up for you.

  7. Congratulations on stereo hearing. I truly hope you adjust quickly and like it. With my bad eardrum, I really miss being able to locate the source of a sound by moving my head. The left side is not doing its job. Now you can locate a source. What an age we live in.

  8. I learned a few things from this. I'm very glad you can hear.


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