Mr. Shife's March Madness 2016 - Day 8

Recommendation of the day: "House of Cards." I haven't made it far as I would have liked because binge watching doesn't really fit into my schedule these days, but I am enjoying Season 4.  

Quote of the day: The real voyage of discovery consists not is seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes - Marcel Proust 

WTF of the day: What century are we living in? Is Donald Drumpf in charge down there? 

Question of the day: Who is Donald Drumpf? I guess The Donald's family name was Drumpf before it got changed to Trump. As John Oliver said: Make Donald Drumpf again.

Parenting Advice of the Day:
  • "How on Earth can you see the TV sitting so far back?" 
  • "Yeah, I used to skip school a lot, too" 
  • "Just leave all the lights on ... it makes the house look more cheery" 
  • "Let me smell that shirt -- Yeah, it's good for another week" 
  • "Go ahead and keep that stray dog, honey. I'll be glad to feed and walk him every day" 
  • "Well, if Timmy's mom says it's OK, that's good enough for me." 
  • "The curfew is just a general time to shoot for. It's not like I'm running a prison around here." 
  • "I don't have a tissue with me ... just use your sleeve" 
  • "Don't bother wearing a jacket - the wind-chill is bound to improve" 

Proud poppa moment of the day: Kyle decided he wanted to teach Hayden how to read. He spelled out a bunch of words on note cards and showed her how he sounds out them out to read. He's a pretty cool dude.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice evening. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. I love that quote by Proust, and I didn't know Trump's true name.

  2. Hayden might have to bypass first grade all together!

  3. WTF of the day... that article is very disturbing. I can't believe there are still such practices going on.

  4. I totally forgot that you're updating every day this month. I'll just chalk up that lapse to exhaustion. See you tomorrow.

  5. I love House of Cards but haven't started season four yet... so no spoilers please.


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