Mr. Shife's March Madness 2016 - Day 28

Well that was a Monday.

Holy cannoli.
I knew taking a week off was going to make the first Monday back in the office a little rough, and it was. But I would do it all over again because I got to spend lots of quality time with Mrs. Shife, Kyle Bunga and this little darling I like to call Hayden Belle.

 P.S. And Kyle correctly pointed out at the end of the video that we were going north, which we did ever so briefly, but he was right.

P.S.S. I apologize for not making the blogging rounds recently. I will try and stop by tomorrow.

Talk to you later. Thanks for visiting.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Hmmm! Was there supposed to be a video clip, Matt.

  2. Yes there was, Val, and I am going to fix that immediately.
    I told you I was having a Monday.

  3. The video worked for me. Cute!


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