Mr. Shife's March Madness 2016 - Day 26

Hello there.
We made it back home today from spring break in California, and someone was excited to see us.
I was being vague about our whereabouts because I didn't want to advertise that the only person at our home was a husky hound. I was afraid someone might take the opportunity to fleece me of my unique collection.

I'm a big fan of unicorns and dolphins, and an even huger fan of unicorns and dolphins getting it on. Did you believe me for a moment? 
I hope not.
I know I am weird, but unicorns and dolphins in the heat of the moment is not my thing. 

Anyway, Tanklin wasn't alone as we had someone watching him while we were gone, but I still don't want people to know that. There are weirdos on the Internet. I believe the above picture of the unicorn and dolphin proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. The only thing missing in the picture is an ambushed paddington. 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. Talk to you tomorrow.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.  


  1. One very happy doggy. Glad your journey was fun. :-)

  2. You're wise to keep some knowledge to yourself. I bet Tank was glad to see you back, though.

  3. That explains why I only heard a dog barking when I came-a-callin' :)

  4. We'll be leaving our little dog for the first time this coming weekend and I'm sure he'll be fine. There's nothing like being welcomed back home by a dog that missed you.

  5. So that's how narwhals came into being, the union of dolphins and unicorns.


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