Mr. Shife's March Madness 2016 - Day 13

Greetings and salutations.
I'm glad you could take a moment to step away from your brackets to visit me and my blog.
Selection Sunday used to be a bigger deal in the Shifley household as I would fill out approximately 297 brackets absolutely, positiviely convinced that one of them was a perfect. I had done the research, listened to the experts, flipped the coins, contacted a psychic, wore my lucky underwear (Men's Black Fishnet Wing Thong in case you were wondering. Enjoy looking that product up. =) and burned several Duke jerseys in a bonfire. 
I was just a few weeks away from basking in sweet, sweet glory, and prancing around the office making sure everyone knew who was the man.

Of course, I never won and it was usually Jessica from accounting who took home the trophy as she picked the winners based on their school colors or mascots.

No brackets this year. 
Not my circus, not my monkeys.
I'm busy doing other stuff like getting ready for this guy's birthday in a few weeks. 

We spent the day shopping for decorations and getting some stuff for the goody bags for his birthday guests. He then came home to help make dinner. 
A pretty good kid I got there. 

Anyway, good luck to your and bracketology. 
I'm sitting it out this year. 

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you tomorrow.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about college basketball, which statistically still has a chance at winning the office brackets. I still don't participate though; I'm probably just still bitter about losing to the UPS guy 16 years ago.

  2. I like your sous chef. :-)

  3. What the heck is a bracket?

    Thank goodness Kyle does normal things, like preparing food... smiles.

  4. Are you telling us the black fishnet are no longer your lucky underwear?

  5. I don't follow sports (big surprise) so these references to "brackets" don't mean much to me.

  6. i guess obama's p.r. department will be putting out his bracket picks pretty soon. are there enough christian universities for cruz to fill out the brackets?

    i hope you've give kyle a safety course on those graters. i lost track of how many times i grated my fingers while having a drink and watching tv.


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