Random Acts of Shifeness: Howdy Stranger

  • Hi there. Sorry for my much-longer-than-anticipated hiatus from the blogosphere, but I was a pile of worthlessness last weekend when I was ready to return. I actually finally felt like myself yesterday so that's awesome. I just high-fived you in my head. You are welcome. And nice high-five by the way. I can tell you have done that before.
  • How were the holidays for you and your clan? The Shifleys had a pretty good time. The kids weren't disappointed in what the jolly man from the North Pole brought them and we had a couple of fun family outings that helped us close out 2015 in excellent fashion. One of our most popular adventures was doing a lot of this:
  • The below photo is Kyle and Hayden with their two favorite Christmas presents so far. A giant bear and a giant pony, and they got extremely creative with their names. Meet Bear and Pony. If you are familiar with the show "Wilfred" then you know that I giggle a lot on the inside whenever I hear Kyle call his new best buddy Bear. If you are unfamiliar with "Wilfred" then this is about the safest link I can share with you. If you decide to investigate more on your own then I must warn you that you might end up in some dark places. 

  • One of the new traditions we started this year was asking Kyle and Hayden what they wanted to be when they grew up. I'm looking forward to how these answers evolve over the years. Kyle in 2015 said he wants to be a scientist, architect and an ice cream maker. Hayden in 2015 said she wants to be dolphin helper, cowgirl and mermaid. Sounds like a few good ways to make a living. 
  • Did anyone get hooked on the Netflix show "Making a Murderer"? Fascinating, disturbing, scary, engrossing and sad are just a few words that come to mind when I think about the series. 
  • Any thoughts on the latest "Star Wars" movie? I loved it. 
  • What else is going on? Oh I took Tank to work last month. And can you believe it? He won everyone over. I am just not sure how he does it.
  • Well I'm looking forward to spending 2016 with you. 
  • Hugs and kisses. Talk to you soon. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Of course he won everyone over! just look at that face :-)

  2. Remember, my son's favorite toy is named "Puppy". That earns no points for originality.

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Isn't there a law that you can't buy stuffed animals that are bigger than your children? :)

  4. your profile lines are so beautiful ,just loved your sharing and photos ,and your kids must be really happy to have such birth day presents which are bigger then them ,best wishes

  5. excellent photos and top notch toys.

    kyle looks deep in thought, he looks every bit the scientist.

    i'm pretty sure 2016 is going to be better than 2015.

  6. I kind of hope that Hayden sticks with the mermaid job. Don't let society tell you what's imaginary and what's a job and what's an imaginary job. Fuck it. She's helping those mermaids and can't nobody stop her!


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