Why The Leaves Haven't Been Raked Up Yet

Mrs. Shife got herself a fancy new iPhone and took a slo-mo video of Hayden showing the leaves who's the boss. Kyle is in the background being a excellent big brother by supporting her. At least that's what I tell myself he is doing. He might actually be plotting my downfall as he keeps wondering where the heck is his tree house that I said he could have once he figured out how to climb our tree. I keep playing dumb - which isn't very hard for me to do - but he's not buying it. Anyway, I totally got off task here. It's a little hard to see the video if your eyeballs have some mileage on them like mine do so here's a link to the YouTube page, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uagM7vDwGSg.
Pretty cool if I must say so myself.
Anyway, I needed to watch this little video to pick me up today as it wasn't one of the best days on Planet Earth for me but nothing compared to what happened to a lot of people in France.
Thoughts and prayers to all those folks.
Hope you are doing well, and thanks for stopping by to say hello.
Take care.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. excellent use for leaves!

  2. Hayden is very brave, but what fun to fall into that bed of leaves.
    Now, about that tree house.... have you any plans?

    It is a terrible thing what is happening in the world, especially in Paris. I felt sick when I heard the news this morning.

  3. That deserves a great soundtrack. I'm thinking something classical, yet triumphant.

  4. i hope the tankster didn't leave any easter eggs in the leaves.

    that does look like a perfect tree to support a command center for kyle.

  5. That is reason enough not to rake. We used to keep raking piles for Faith and our dog. That made raking fun; now it's just a chore. So let them play as long as they want to :)


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