Kyle & The Commercial

Kyle's first - and most likely last - commercial is in the books.
Let's just say a star wasn't born.
He did fine but found the process a little boring as there's a lot of waiting for the next scene to happen as the production crew sets up for the next shot.
It took about 5 hours to film a 30-second commercial, which requires a lot of patience, and 6-year-old boys are known for many things but the capacity to accept or tolerate delays is not one of them.
All in all, a good experience for him.
But it almost didn't happen.
First, as soon as we arrived, I hear from the backseat, "I gotta poop!"
And when Kyle tells me he has to poop ... well you better drop everything because the countdown clock has started and we have about two minutes seconds before we have a real mess on our hands.
I didn't want to get too graphic so I'll just let your imagination paint that picture.
A little bit of anxiety washes over me as I imagine having this conversation with the director:
"Umm, yeah, hi there. Bad news. My son shit his pants. Just shit them. Yep. All over them. It was bad. Well, I don't think he can be in the commercial today. Okay? Thanks. Sorry. Have a nice day."
I rushed on to the set to find the bathroom and made sure it wasn't occupied.
Then I went back to see where Kyle was and here comes my little man walking as stiff as a board trying to make sure that the poop stayed where it belonged until he could find sweet, sweet relief in the bathroom.
He made it in time and crisis #1 was averted.
We were about 2 hours into the commercial shoot when crisis #2 happened.
Kyle got a bloody nose.
He let me know right away when he got one so I rushed over to help but remember what I said about patience and 6-year-old boys.
Kyle's didn't want to wait for me and wanted to take care care of his bloody nose by himself.
He tried to do what most little dudes would do in that situation and wiped his nose with his shirt.
Too late.
He got blood on his shirt.
But just a little, and we were able to hide it with his collar.
If the blood wasn't hidden then the production crew would've had to shoot everything again because Kyle didn't have a back-up shirt of the same color.
Thank the fat bassets.
Crisis #2 averted.
They are editing the video right now and hopefully I can share it with you next week or the week after.
Thanks for stopping by.
Talk to you later.

Getting chased by Herbie the Hamburger.

 Hayden trying to eat Herbie the Hamburger.

 Hayden enjoying an apple on the set.

Kyle getting into character with his pretend older sisters.  

Kyle looking thrilled waiting for the next scene.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Brother will tell you working with kids is okay - it is
    the stage mothers who will drive you crazy. Since you are
    a stage dad I'm sure you were fine - and averting poop and
    blood disasters = extra props.

  2. Funny. I once managed a chain jewelry store and the owner decided to film a commercial in our stor. It took eight hours for a thirty second commercial. It was very tedious.

  3. Can't wait to see it!

  4. I lived through that with you, Matt... nervously. Poor Kyle, and poor you. Still, you coped!!
    Looking forward to seeing the end product.

  5. And to think that there are parents who force their kids to do it. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  6. Herbie the Hamburger looks pretty awesome to me. Nice job Kyle!!!

  7. poor old kyle; unexpected bowel movement, tedious commercial and an adorable scene stealing little sister. but, the resumé is growing.

  8. Well, either the pressure got to him, or he is a gifted method actor!!!!

    I'm an optimist.


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