Well That Was Fast

No it's not a "that's what she said" joke.
Well I guess we could go there but I have much more important things to discuss.
Do you remember last week when I said Kyle was going to start learning how to ride his bike without training wheels? We spent about 15 minutes on Saturday and Sunday practicing, then this happened:

Off he went.
Props to this nice lady for showing me how to get it done. The Internet is full of some useful stuff.
I thought it was going to take a long time and a lot of frustration but Kyle Bunga was awesome.
Now he wants to ride his bike every day after school.
My advice is to avoid training wheels and start them on balance bikes or just take the pedals off their bikes until they figure out their balance. It looks like it will not be too long before Little Miss Hayden will be needing a bike of her own as she has taken to her balance bike quite naturally.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. He's a natural. Way to get it done, Kyle.

    There's no stopping him now . . .

  2. I think it comes natural to kids that aren't afraid of anything. I'd put your two in that category :)

  3. kden said it for me. Older kids and adults have developed the fear factor but Kyle hasn't. So off he goes ... pastures new!

  4. another milestone for kyle and one more thing to give you grey hair when he's bombing down the street looking at the babes.

  5. I'm impressed. We're working on it at our house, but Colin quite enjoys the training wheels.

  6. Boom! That's how it's done.

    Great job, Kyle.


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