382 Words Mostly About Hayden

Hayden had a week so this update will mostly be about her.
  • She graduated from a toddler bed to a big girl bed and was pretty excited about it. She keeps telling us how awesome her big girl bed is every time we tuck her in at night.

  • She also might be the only 3-year-old girl that sleeps with a crocodile, a green guy with purple pants and anger management issues, a purple snake, a purple horse and a teddy bear.  Any guesses on her favorite color?
  • We have been recommending to her for a little bit now that since she's a big girl it might be time to ditch the pacifiers a.k.a binkys but she hasn't really bought into the idea. Well the big girl bed sealed the deal and she put all of her binkys into a Ziploc bag then gave them to friends of ours who are having a baby this spring. Mrs. Shife and I about started blubbering everywhere when she did it. Of course we told our friends to please hang onto to that bag for a few days just in case and then toss them.
  • Hayden also picked up a nasty cough this week and while we were driving around town she informed Kyle that didn't want to talk because she was sick which made her "super crabby." She also let Kyle know that she was "super angry" when he picked the wrong cartoon for them to watch. I think she's "super awesome." 
  • Hayden and I also had a conversation about private parts because she walked into the bathroom while I was going pee. She asked why I went "pee-pee" standing up. I told her that boys have a penis so we can stand up. She then asked if she had a penis, and I told her that she had a vagina. It turns out vagina is a tough one for 3-year-olds as she has been letting me know that I have a penis and she has a giant. It was really hard not laughing out loud the first time she told me that.
  • Here's a picture of Little Miss Hayden at her gymnastics class. I think the class makes her pretty happy.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. What a special time! Big Girl beds are a big deal. We had a hard time getting rid of that binky too, it was after 4 years of age that was stopped. I still have it around here somewhere. And just to warn you, she may be sleeping with those things the rest of her life. My 19 y/o girl still sleeps with her blanket, at her dorm and at her boyfriend's. I guess there could be worse things to worry about :)

  2. Aww, that's such a sweet post I don't even know what to say.
    Time marches on.

  3. I loved this post, Matt. No wonder you're so proud to be Hayden's daddy. The big girl's bed is rather cute... I can imagine her excitement when she saw it. Would I be right in thinking purple is her favourite colour?

  4. Aren't baby girls wonderful? Yours sure is.

  5. A giant! I love it.

    There are some one syllable ones that might be easier to say, but most parent books recommend not teaching your toddlers those ones . . .

  6. I think that is why we were glad to have a girl the second time. For better or worse, its a whole new set of experiences.

  7. Awwww!!! So lovely Xx


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