I Can't Unsee That

I don't go into my gym's locker room often because I just wear my workout clothes to the gym and then head home but I had to make another trip in there recently because I used the sauna.
And of course it happened.
I have seen a lot of strange things in my life but without a doubt the chances of weirdness increases exponentially when I visit that darn locker room.

First there was the the time I walked in on the middle of the old naked guys club. Still have nightmares about Skeletor and his crew discussing gravity's effect on their ball sack.
Then there was the time some dude thought blow drying his pubes completely naked was an acceptable and outstanding idea.

Now there is a new menace in the locker room. The manscaper.

I was leaving the locker room and things were going great as there were no trauma to my ocular cavities but that changed faster than I could I say "Just wait a hot shit minute!"
I went into to wash my hands in the sink area and there he was.
Some dude with one leg hiked up on the counter grooming his private parts.
Well they weren't very private as he was just hanging out with his wang out grooming away with his electric trimmer.
Seriously this is where you want to shave your balls?
I know I need to get out more often but when I see stuff like this I think maybe being at home and watching Tank scoot his furry butt across the carpet is enough excitement for me.
Maybe I am just a grumpy, old man and need to take it easy.
But I just feel there's a time and place to trim your pubes and it's certainly not in the men's locker room. Unless of course we are playing the worst game ever "Hey Look. It's My Penis" and then I need to find a new gym.
Have a good weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. And now I'm completely glad that I don't work out.

  2. Don't they have homes? Seems to me men are more vane than women. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. when i took my kids to swimming lessons i really felt like punching a few old assholes in the changing room who always walked paraded around naked in front of the kids.

  4. I agree with Val; seems like men are more vane. Naked is fine, but to flaunt what you have (or don't have) takes it to a creepy level.

  5. Reminds me of when I was a kid, if anyone was being too flaunting with their nakedness, they would be called "Mister Charlie!"

    I didn't know if it was a family thing or more universal.

    Sounds like some of those guys in the locker room need a good taunting "Misteeer Charrrlieee!"


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