Shifetober 7th

I feel extremely fortunate for the life I have and that’s why I am paying it forward with a portion of my book sales. A cause near and dear to my heart is the military. I was born on a military base, I was a military brat, my dad is retired USAF, my father-in-law is retired from the Air National Guard, I served in the U.S. Navy, and I have lots of family and friends who have spent time in the military. Unfortunately, some of our military men and women need help, and, in my honest and humble opinion, there isn't enough being done to get them that assistance. Fortunately, organizations like the Idaho Veterans Network ( are doing their best to help these men and women and so that’s why I will be donating a portion of my book sales to them. 
Thank you for stepping forward when others step back.
Thank you for placing yourself between us and danger.
Thank you for delaying plans for college, marriage, and other opportunities and choosing to serve.
Thank you for braving the unspeakable horrors of war.
Thank you for sacrificing time with your families and missing those significant milestones the rest of us take for granted.
Thank you to your spouses who find themselves living nomadic lives, often far away from the support of loved ones.
Thank you to your children who accept your absence as a way of life and understand they share you with a nation and sometimes the world.
Thank you to your parents who have nothing but prayers to protect you and must now trust you will be safe and that we will offer the best we have to you.
Thank you for continuing to support your country once you leave military service by following new careers and becoming the teachers, clergy, business owners, employees, pilots, civil servants and so much more that we need to be a successful society.
Thank you for involving yourself in your local community, your state, and your country, helping us to solve problems and to create a vision for our future using the skills you learned during your tour of duty.
Thank you for being a conscience to our nation.
Thank you for serving as a heroic example of who we are and what we can dream to be.
Thank you for your service.
-- Written by Cathy Maxwell

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. You are a good man Mr. Shife, in more ways than one. They are lucky to have you in their corner.


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