Shifetober 18th

So how's your weekend going?
Mine. Not too bad.
Thanks for asking.
I'm not going to share my FB update here today because it's just another reminder about my book signing party and the last time I checked all of my wonderful blogging friends that I visit with on a regular basis don't live near me so I didn't want to bore you with those details again.
Instead, I can bore you with some updates on my book.
Things are going real well.
It has made it's way to some people after I mailed out copies earlier this week and I'm getting a lot of good feedback. I've also sold way more than I expected and to a lot of unexpected people.
I've made 3 trips to the post office and Hayden has gone with me twice. We had the same lady help us both times Hayden was with me and the gal thinks Hayden is awesome. They just chat it up and I just look in awe at my wonderful baby girl. She's such a blessing.
Well that's all for today.
Hope all is well.
Thanks for stopping by.
And here's a picture of my Russian friend.
He's helping me promote my book signing party.
I told people to be there or go out with the love child of Susan Boyle and a bear.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. The burning question:
    Can he sing?

  2. I'm hoping for great things on this for you.

  3. Finished the book, wrote my review (in which you will see I have yet another name) and hopefully will have a picture to you soon (because I'm vain and want to see it on your blog). I was very surprised and flattered to see my name in your acknowledgements :)

  4. I like to read alone but I keep rushing in to read a snippet or two to Joe. He said he would rather wait until he could read the book himself.

    Ooooh is Val ME? If so thank you. If not, forget I spoke... smiles.

    Of course Hayden is awesome.


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