Shifetober 15th

Contest #2 is done and congrats to Cher Campbell Sherwood for correctly guessing I saw my favorite movie “The Big Lebowski” 22 times. For the next contest, I’m going to make it easy on you, just tell me how we met. High school? College? Work? Blogging? Hitchhiking to Canada? A My Little Pony message board? Back waxing convention? Rae Dawn Chong Film Festival? Let me know and then I’ll have Kyle pick a number between 1 and hopefully 1,000 answers for the next winner. Contest ends 10/21. Good luck and the winner gets an autographed copy of my book and a very, very special bookmark.

So that is my latest giveaway on Facebook but all of you wonderful blogging friends, well I know I how I met you, blogging. But how did our paths cross on the Internet? DId I find your blog and just leave comments or vice versa? Or do we have a mutual blogging friend? Refresh my memory because I would to remember. 
And here's a weird picture for no reason at all. =) 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. are you putting the answers in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar and having a trustworthy person hold the jar whilst the contest runs?

  2. I was in a play with Jon and had just started a blog and he had a blog and we go to talking and he read your blog and I did too.
    The play, I believe, was Casablanca.
    And that was a long damn time ago.

  3. You found me, I assume, by searching for blogs with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers as an interest. The exact date was August 10, 2005 that you first left me a comment. And I must say that you have been a great internet friend ever since.
    And Mary is right. Casablanca was a long time ago.. Seven years.

  4. Of course, BP. This contest is on the up and up. Nothing fishy at all. =)

  5. Seems like two little people ago. A lot has happened in those years.

  6. Your assumption is correct, Jon. I remember how we met and it was through our mutual liking of RCPM. You have been a great online friend as well.

  7. Goodness only knows how I found your blog but I think I found you first. I do remember being around when Kyle was a tiny baby.


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