The Week That Was

Sunday - Tank was smelling like burnt butt hair and shedding like crazy so we took him in for a grooming session at Petsmart. He's usually pretty excited to see me when I come pick up because he's been down there for about 4 hours but on this day he was especially glad to see my face. It was a nice boost to the ego but then when I saw his report card I knew why he was glad to get out of there:

Can you see why?
Tank's not a big fan of getting his anal glands did.
I can't think of too many people that enjoy it.
Normally I don't sign him up for the butt squeeze but it's included with the Furminator package so I spent some time on Sunday apologizing to Tank Tank.
He finally accepted my expression of regret with an offering of shredded cheese.
That dog loves cheese.
Probably will help fill those glands back up.
How's that for painting a picture?

Sunday - Kyle and I went to an air show. We had a good time. A little warm but all in all it was fun. We got to go inside the cockpit of a B-29 Flying Fortress and Fifi (name of the plane) is the only one in the world that is still airworthy. I got a nice picture of Kyle standing next to it but then some dude wearing a Boise State shirt went and ruined the background. Going to have to crop him out.

Monday - Weekend is over and sometimes it just feels like an accomplishment if you survive Monday. Well I did and concluded it by watching the finale of "24." I wish I could say it was a nice way to end the evening.

Tuesday - I went to Jamba Juice to pick up a snack while I was at work. I got talked into the Kale-ribbean Breeze and it looked like shit. Seriously a big pile of green baby poop scooped into a cup but if you got past the appearance it was not too shabby. Well since kale was one of the main ingredients I got a little paranoid that I was going to have kale in my teeth or on my lips. I mentioned this to one of of my co-workers by saying "I hope I don't have kale all over my face." She started laughing and then I did too because it dawned on me that we work with a guy named Cale so that phrase takes on a whole different meaning.

Wednesday - I took the kiddos bowling and Kyle broke triple digits for the first time.

Thursday - It's been a long time since I talked about this but my book should be done by the end of the month. Some miscommunication and other problems occurred during the first efforts so I had to reach out to a new formatter and designer. The formatting is supposed to be done tonight and the cover hopefully wrapped up by this weekend. Once it's done I can start sharing more details about the release date and other goodies.

Friday - Going to the movies with Kyle Bunga to see Planes 2 with Kyle Bunga. I just hope it's better than the first one.

Here's a bonus pic. I was messing around with my camera while the kids were having fun at a giant play land and that little blur going down the slide is Kyle. Isn't it amazing how he can pull himself right back up? =)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a good weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Good stuff! Sounds like your life is moving along in good ways.
    I think my dogs' groomer does that anal gland thing too. I refuse to think about it.

  2. my parents had a few fat dachshunds that were always getting their anal glands squeezed. must be something about long rubenesque dogs.

    and i still want you to adopt me.

  3. Ah, the dreaded anal glands. It's bad enough knowing that they are done, but when my Vet starts talking about the consistency and look of it, that crosses the line. Kale/Cale, funny stuff.

  4. All in all a good week, then. Although I feel sorry for Tank, I have to say that these things have to be done. Good news about the book, Matt. I look forward to the launch.

  5. Reader's Digest:

    "I'm Tank's anal glands."

  6. The vet showed me how to express the anal glands, and I was like, "Um no. I'll have a professional do that."

    And wow, Kyle has magic powers!

  7. I'm looking forward to the book. I know it's been a long time coming and a lot of work.


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