Random Acts of Shifeness

  • So who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? The Seahawks? The Broncos? Or the commercials? I'm going with the ads because I'm not a fan of either team. 
  • I felt a little like Punxsutawney Phil yesterday because I saw my shadow outside. Hopefully it doesn't mean six more weeks of winter. Anyway I was extremely excited to see it because we have been in an inversion – which is a fancy way of saying no sun for you buttholes – since Jan. 12 and finally after 18 days of a foggy haze there was a blue sky with the sun shining down on us. It was awesome. 
  • Since I'm greater than 40, I get the backdoor how are you check-up from my doctor, and lucky me, it was this week. Everything went well and overall I'm in good shape. I just need to figure out how to get rid of this geographic tongue and then I'll be a happy camper. 
  • I also discovered that I am officially sterile. They ran a test to make sure all of my boys were down for the count and they are. I am just like a Christmas tree now and sporting only ornamental balls. 
  • When Kyle gets in trouble, he gets upset and proclaims that he's sad because he thinks I don't love him anymore. It's so hard not to laugh at him because he gets overly dramatic and it's quite amusing. I do my best to refrain and assure him that I will always love him even if he had just poured orange juice all over Tank. 
  • Happy Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Horse. I'm not sure what you're suppose to do to celebrate but how about a joke: What did the horse say when it fell? I've fallen and I can't giddyup! And on that note I'll be "trotting" off. =) 

And here's a picture of all of us at our fancy photo shoot. Yes I know I'm a lucky man. 

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. We've had the same inversion and it has sucked. Today we had our first sunshine in so long I felt like a bat coming out of my cave. I'm not a big football fan but am rooting for the home state Hawks. But I'm in it more for the commercials too.

  2. It's sunny here but don't let that fool you, we also have floods and high winds! And cold!

    Heehee, Matt, I never thought of a Christmas tree that way!!!!!

    Loved the picture. Yes, you are a lucky man.

    BTW the B isn't until May!

  3. I may not even watch the game. Sacrilege? Maybe. But if I do, it'll be for the ads.

  4. It has rained here every day for over seven weeks! Bloody depressing.

    Lovely picture of a happy family.

  5. The sunshine was glorious, kden. Hope it stays around for a long time.

  6. Thanks Val. Enjoy the sunshine and hope those floods stay away. You have enough things going on in your life. So I guess I wished you a very, very, very, early happy birthday.

  7. It's the only reason I'm watching the game this year, Jon. Go advertisements!!

  8. Well hello John. Good hearing from you again. Sorry to hear about all that rain, and that would be bloody depressing. Hang in there and hope some sunshine is heading your way soon.

  9. hawks all the way!

    the old backdoor handshake, ain't life grand. it might be a pain in the arse but it's better than a root canal.

  10. Enjoy the game, BP, and I'll take the hiney handshake over a root canal any day.

  11. We got about 6" of snow, that's a lot for down here.

    I'm not really into Pro-Football but lucked out and bet on the Hawks.

    The year of the horse, but not the year of the Broncos.

  12. Hope the snow doesn't stick around too long, texlahoma. Smart man going with the Seahawks. Really was a lame Super Bowl since the game was over in the first 12 seconds after Seattle took the lead.


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