Happy Birthday Hayden!!

Hello Hayden. 
It’s me your daddy, or the guy who lets you watch way too many Minnie Mouse cartoons. Remember it’s our secret so don’t tell your mother. Are we cool? Cool. Well today is your very special day so I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and tell you why you’re one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

You have changed me in so many ways during the past two years. I love how I get to start each day with you and how it’s an absolute joy watching you grow, learn, laugh, and play. You just light up our little part of the world. However, there’s one part of our world that we need to work on Little Miss Hayden. Your brother and I could probably go the rest of our lives without getting another bite on the butt from you. I know you get frustrated and angry because you can’t always express your feelings but chomping down on our asses is not the solution. Let’s work on that McStuffins. 

I never imagined being your dad would bring me such happiness. I probably would’ve started sooner if I had known but I dragged my feet into fatherhood, and resisted it for as long as possible because I didn’t think it was something I wanted to do.  Eventually, I was won over, and after your big brother Kyle was born, I thought this is cool but I’m good. One and done works for me. 

What an idiot I was for thinking that. 

Life would never be the same without you Hayden, and I’m just glad your momma talked some sense into me. She is one smart lady by the way, and beautiful and awesome too so that’s where you get it from in case you were wondering. 

Below is a little video I made about you to share with our family and friends. I’m not sure how long it will be available since there are ton of copyright issues with me using the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz without his permission. (Pretty please, Mr. Mraz?)

So what’s the deal with the song? 
It’s probably not the first song that people would dedicate to their 2-year-old daughter but it spoke to me because – as I mentioned – I wasn’t sure how I felt about becoming your dad. I know that sounds horrible, but I was afraid, nervous, hesitant, and not sure I could handle being responsible for another little person. 

Then I met you, and once again I was reminded how much of an idiot I was for thinking that I only wanted one kid. You will learn that your daddy has a pretty strong moron gene, and he’s an idiot quite often. 
Hearing the words “It’s a girl” and seeing you for the first time opened up my heart, my mind, and I was simply and completely in love with you. You were 15 days late but so worth the wait, and I just want you to know that I’m yours, Hayden Belle. 

I love you to the moon and back,


P.S. Don’t eat the yellow snow!!

P.S.S. I don’t want you to grow up too fast but I can’t wait to watch “The Princess Bride” with you because it’s awesome just like you!!


  1. You are an awesome Dad! They both are lucky to have you. And it's great that you took plenty of pictures for her. Sometimes the second and third get kind of left out in that department. Beautiful video.

  2. Love it. Good job there, sir.

  3. This such an awesome letter!

  4. OMG I'm all emotional now. Loved, loved, loved the video, and especially the family shots... you have such a beautiful family, Matt, and you wrote a beautiful letter. I hope Hayden gets to read it one day. Oh gawd, where's the tissues!!!!

  5. She looks so much like you in some of those pics.

    Happy Birthday Hayden!

  6. excellent video and letter!

    old kyle has some very, very, very tough competition.

  7. You're a good egg, Shifey. She's lucky to have you for her pops.

    Also, you mentioned "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow," like the Zappa song, and I think this post is exactly how Zappa felt when Moon Unit was born.


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