Halloween 2013

I'm back from our little trip (and the destination was Las Vegas in case you were still wondering), and I'll have to spend some time next week discussing our adventures as we definitely made it a memorable vacation. You might have heard that it was Halloween yesterday and I have pictures to prove it. Kyle went as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Hayden was a Pirate Princess, Mrs. Shife was a cowgirl, and I was an Elderly Mutant Ninja Turtle. The kids had a good time, and hope whatever you did on Halloween was a a good time as well. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the photos.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


texlahoma said…
Ah, something about your trip was making me think of gambling and odds, I should have known.

Man, that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff has really hung in there. My son was wearing it in the early 90's.

Well, I hope y'all got some good candy, glad to see you safely home.
Jay Noel said…
My daughter was a pirate too! I'm thinking that's a big trend for the little ladies this year.

My 13 year old was a Ninja Turtle back in 2004. Amazing that they're still "in" after all these years.
Dad should have went as Splinter, the rat ninja master leader, living in the sewers and loading the turtles up with pizza.
Valerie said…
The outfits are great... I bet the pirate princess just loved her dress. Good fun, by the sound of it. We don't go in for Halloween much here so it's nice to see other people's pictures.
kden said…
Adorable! It's nice seeing the whole family get into it. I kind of miss those days sometimes.
billy pilgrim said…
best looking pirate princess i've ever seen. the ninja turtle ain't bad either.
So that's what it's like to trick-or-treat without snow. How nice!!!
Jon said…
I admire you for dressing up. I think I'm way past that point. Way past. Maybe if it wasn't on a week that I was already wearing makeup.