For The Love of Fat Bassets, I'm Turning Into A Lazy Blogger

I'm not sure but that might be the longest title ever for one of my posts.
With Hayden's birthday last week, Thanksgiving this week, still being in the grips of the plague, and potty training (Yes, we've gone all in with Hayden and hoping to be a diaper-free home soon), I'm resorting to visual imagery once again to update my blog.

The karate kid. Kyle recently started taking classes, and I think I'm going to have to wear cup around the house as he might practice one of his kicks on me. Tank has also been a little nervous whenever Kyle puts on his uniform.  

Hayden loves the Mouse so when she saw these nuggets at Costco she got a little excited. I just feel really silly asking her if she wants mouse nuggets for lunch.  

Kyle has a new bunk mate. Tank has started sleeping on the bottom bunk in Kyle's room at night. This makes me smile a lot because when I was much younger and had my bunk bed I shared it with one of my beloved bassets, Higgins.  

Buried underneath that pile of blankets is Hayden. We said goodbye to the crib and got herself a big girl bed. She is growing up way too fast. 

My spam folder is extremely confusing. 

Kyle grew his mustache for November.  

And a picture of the kiddos from our family picture shoot. They clean up pretty well. 

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and you have a great weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Mouse nuggets made me LOL. Fab pictures of the kiddos, especially the last one.

    BTW I do believe you can buy steel aprons for protection.... grins.

  2. Beautiful. We all have much to be thankful for. It's the little things and the little people.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Shife.

  3. i turned my kids into ninjas. pretty soon he'll get the swagger and it's excellent exercise for the body and the mind. (it ain't easy remembering all those katas!)

  4. Tank is a lucky guy to have his own bed.

    Loved your spam mail. I think it's trying to tell you to buy yourself some Viagra, book a flight on Delta with an older single black Christian woman. Have fun!

    Loved the fall pic, so cute...

  5. My nephews and nieces will eat anything--including vegetables--if it has their favorite characters on the box. Right now those characters are Despicable Me minions (both the purple and yellow ones).

  6. Judging by your spam, I think you might be trying to satisfy everyone else a little too much.
    Oh, just saw that kden picked up on this too.
    Have a good one, great pics.


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