Random Acts of Shifeness

  • How was your Labor Day weekend? We had a good one. Hope you did too. 
  • Back to school for Kyle and me today. It was his first day and I was the teacher-helper. Thank the fat bassets it wasn't as traumatic as the first time last year. He will be going three times a week this year. Then next year he's going to be going kindergarten. And that just blew my mind. 
  • Did your search engine history include "remove crayon from linoleum" this week? Well mine did. Turns out Lysol wipes work pretty good.
  • Who else does this with magazines? Keep canceling and renewing under a new name so you can get the discounted rate. I have been doing this with Sports Illustrated for years. One day they are going to show up to verify if Pat McCrotch actually lives here. It will probably be the same day the mattress tag police shows up to make sure our tags are still attached to our bedding. 
  • Since I've been doing the paleo/primal/caveman diet, I've been looking for meal inspiration because some of the stuff I've been eating is pretty boring. Well I turned the TV on to the Food Network and was hooked. This stuff is awesome. Instead of rotting my brain watching Teen Mom or Jersey Shore these past few years I could've been watching Chopped. 
  • I also got hooked on the show, Orange is the New Black, on Netflix
  • Kyle's has a new joke. How does Davy Crockett like his pie? Alamo-d.
  • I forgot to answer your questions about my latest softball injury in my blog update two weeks ago. Yes I was safe, no it wasn't worth it, and it appears the blood sacrifice has improved my softball game. 
  • Finally a picture of Little Miss Hayden letting me know that she can't hear me when I'm telling her it's time for a nap. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. She really is too darling for words!

    Didn't you just potty train Kyle? How can next year be kindergarten?
    You can tell him his joke got a good snorty laugh from a crazy old bat you know.

    I have not ever ordered magazines that way but I think that perhaps now I will. How about Missy Camaltow?

    Glad your game improved. =;]

  2. Kyle's telling jokes already? Wow!
    Loved, loved, loved, the picture of Hayden ... that cheeky grin bowled me over.

    Thanks for your view of the Reacher film. I wasn't sure I'd like after reading all of Child's books, I couldn't see how his writing could be rewritten for the screen.

  3. Hey, if you are getting extra promotional items with all these extra subscriptions, can I have Pat McCrotch's extra football phone?

    Starscream is a beautiful little girl these days!!

  4. Great pic
    "I simply can't here you telling me it's nap time, for some reason."

  5. Start packing that College Survival Basket now because the time will fly by...

  6. Hope you're healing up okay after that latest softball injury.

    I tried the paleo thing. It messed with my body badly. Liver couldn't take it.

    My oldest is in 7th grade. Hard to believe we're just a breath away from HIGH SCHOOL. When I started blogging, he was Kyle's age.

  7. i'm not allowed to observe labor day since i haven't done any labor for years.

    i cancelled cable/internet and had the kids put it in their names a few times. saved lots of money but it's getting tougher and tougher and the discounts are getting smaller.

  8. Usually when I get bored with what I've been cooking, I'll just browse some recipe site online. I really don't have the patience to watch an entire cooking show.


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