Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Movie time with Kyle Bunga. I took the big guy to his first movie today. We checked out Planes, which is basically Cars in the sky and if you know Kyle this is the perfect film in his mind. 
  • Are you familiar with a growler? I know it sounds like a term I would use to describe a bowel movement but it is a glass container that contains 64 ounces of deliciousness known as beer. I refilled mine last week and drank a little bit of it. Well I guess it is something that needs to be consumed within 24 hours or it will go flat, and flat beer does not equal deliciousness. 
  • I have eaten like an asshole pretty my entire life without too many repercussions. I have a pretty fast metabolism so pizza, burgers, nachos, steak, etc. have been mainstays in my diet but now that I have entered my 40s I have had to make a few adjustments because it turns out my metabolism is slowly down a little bit. I am doing the caveman/paleo diet for 30 days to see if it turns me into a fat-burning beast. I am going to miss pizza the most. 
  • Speaking of eating, I killed my grill. It is never good when you go outside to get your steaks off the grill and your BBQ is on fire. Yep, the old grill almost made it through its 7th year at the Shifley household but unfortunately it got the call to the appliance retirement home. I was bummed about the BBQ but really bummed about the steaks because they were kind of expensive.  
  • I saw this photo on Facebook and it made me LOL:

  • My writing coach and editor for my book has released a book of her own on Amazon. Check it out, The Power of Writing Well: Write Well. Change the World. Good stuff and Dana is awesome. 
  • And here is a picture of Kyle enjoying breakfast as a shark. He heard you gotta live every week like it is shark week. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Those of use that do a lot of grilling call burning meat on the grill "A sacrifice to the BBQ gods". Generally this is done in late spring or early summer in order to appease the "BBQ gods" so that you have a good season of grilling. However, it also doesn't require the sacrifice of the grill itself.

  2. I am grateful for your love for your children, for your love for your family. I am hoping the caveman diet works for you. I am thinking that a caveman needs a new grill.

  3. I am also sorry for Snuffy's family and friends. Having said that, I do like your shark very much.

    I had the bottom of a bbq fall out once while I was grilling. It had either burned through or it had rusted through. It was cheap. Gone were the only coals and out was the power. It was a sad day. My condolences on the loss of your grill and steak.

    I agree with Ms.Moon... caveman need fire!

  4. The good news is that summer is winding down, and grills are usually going on sale. Mine is on it's 5th year now, but has had multiple parts replaced. As long as it keeps going, I'll keep replacing parts. If not, the curb is a great place.

  5. Hey! I have about 10 prs. of Crocs.....oh maybe that's why I only had one kid.

    I assume you made it through the entire movie. Our daughter would want to go after about 30 minutes, she just wasn't into it. She much preferred watching movies at home so she could roam around.

    RIP Grill.

  6. Sad to say I have never owned or used a barbecue grill. We don't seem to get the right weather to warrant buying one. The diet does change as we age... believe me, I know. Had to laugh at the Croc!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  7. good luck with the caveman diet. my doctor suggested the wheat belly diet. it took me a nanosecond to rule that out after taking a look. so i just gave up ju jubes and called it even.

  8. The thing that caught my interest in this post was the growler. I could take on two of them, no problem.
    (My liver has been in training for the Beer Olympics for years.)
    You're a brave man going on that diet, but you know why cavemen ate like that?
    Because they couldn't get their hands on pizza, burgers, nachos, steak, etc.

  9. I'm proud of you with taking writing so seriously. I need to get my ass in gear.

    Hey, that race against the clock before the beer goes flat seems like something you could use some help with . I like beer.

  10. Yeah. Something happens to your metabolism right around 30-ish. So you're lucky. I hit 40 last year, and it's shocking how it slows like molasses.

    Kyle really got into shark week, huh?

    I will check out your editor's book.

  11. I am glad you didn't put your kid on a Roomba and have him ride around your kitchen like that lady did to her cat, she dressed the cat like a shark.

    That picture is funny! Do people still wear crocs?

    I want to see Planes

  12. Hubby has a new grill and he loves it. One of my last posts showed him out there in the rain! Guy thing, I guess. ;)
    I have been on assorted diets over the years. More recently, Paleo. It was interesting and I did lose some weight although that wasn't my main motivation to do it. At my age (50 next year, OMG!) nothing works perfectly. I still don't do dairy, other than a bit of butter occasionally, but am back to a few grains and other non-Paleo things. Good luck!
    I LOL'd at the croc poster.


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