Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Fill-in-the-blank: Summer colds are ______ .  My answer is worse than riding down a bumpy, bumpy street on your bicycle with the seat missing. 
  • How does that saying go ... nothing good happens after midnight? I would like to amend that and say that nothing good happens after you start doing shots after midnight. Especially ones named "Atomic Fireballs." Unfortunately, that is what I did during my road trip with my buddies last weekend. I guess I need to live up to the title of this blog: Confessions of a Dumb, White Guy. It made for a long car ride home on Sunday. Next year the plan is to bring a taser gun and my friend who doesn't drink gets to tase me if I even think about doing shots. 
  • I have gone to acupuncture twice now. I was expecting it to be like this:

But it was more like this:

I told the acupuncturist where I was hurting. She stuck in a few needles in me then I leaned back in a recliner for about an hour and just chilled out. Pretty awesome. Maybe I just needed a nice power nap in a tranquil setting but I felt really great after the treatment.
  • It is the little things in life that really matter. 
  • My favorite quote of the week: The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet. –James Oppenheim 
  • Now I know how people discover new music. Pandora is pretty cool. I am so frickin' hip. Next week I will tell the hottest fashion trends for the fall. 
  • I have one more chapter to edit for my book and then a few minor tweaks before it is sent off to get a cover design and formatted for electronic publishing. I would love to give you a date when I think I will be done but I am just not sure how much longer the process will take. I just can't believe I am getting another step closer to being done. Crazy. 
  • So last week was a little heartbreaking and depressing after learning about my friend's suicide. Here is the obituary if you want to read more about Mike. Still feeling pretty awful about the whole thing. Some shame and guilt. I have a lot of good memories with my friend and that is where I am trying to focus my thoughts right now. Mike was also an organ donor who had a rare blood type so they were able to find a donor for his heart which is good to hear. 
  • Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. I'm glad you shared the link to the obituary on your friend. I'm sorry you're having to cope with it.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the book, and how it turns out. Just be sure to let me know what outlets it can be bought from.

  2. So truly sorry to hear about your friend. There are no words to make it any easier for anyone. May your friend be at peace and his family and friends find comfort during this time.

  3. sorry about your friend..prayers sent...

  4. Very cool that your friend was able to help someone with his heart.

    That acupuncture guy looks like human light bright. Fun!!!!

  5. Oh, and I have a cold coming on in the summer right now, and I will say it is worse than accidentally stepping barefoot into St. Bernard poop.

  6. So, what happens when you drink after midnight?

    Sorry to hear about your friend, man.

  7. I've always wanted to try acupuncture. Maybe someday....

    Your friend seemed like he was so full of life. So sad to imagine what's going on in a person's head.

  8. The obituary is beautiful, Matt, thank you so much for sharing it with us. We never know how life will treat us, do we?

    Good news about the book, I can't wait to read it. It was good to read about the acupuncture. I've always felt a little scared of it but no longer, not after reading your experience.

  9. One of my best friends checked himself out quite a few years ago. After a full range of emotions, the bottom line that I finally came to was: "His life, his choice."
    Not very comforting, I know, but that is what I was left with.

    I'm glad the progress on your book is moving right along, have a good one.

  10. good to hear the acupuncture was a success. i've heard that doing shots before midnight can also lead to trouble.

    i used to be a reluctant organ donor until someone told me, don't think of it as giving your heart to a stranger, think of it as a stranger donating his body to keep your heart alive.

  11. So so sorry to hear about your friend prayers to all

    on a lighter note
    Ha atomic fireballs!! That'll do it :)

  12. My mum went for acupunture right after she got a stroke and recovery very fast. Acupunture really works. Sorry about your friend but happyvto know his heart is still alive. Happy blogging to you

  13. Acupuncture? Pah! I have a wife who needles me. :)

  14. That's awesome about your book! Congrats on that.

    So sorry about your friend, Mike.


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