It Hurts When IP

How's that for a title?
Any guesses on what I am writing about today?
Chlamydia? Nope.
Stock tips for the International Paper Company (IP)? Hell no.
Intellectual Property? Definitely not.
Best WiFi Names ever? Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner.
The Internet is full of crazy stuff. Actually based upon my extensive research, it is full of lies, cats, idiots and crap.

It also has some pretty funny WiFi names.

1. Does it burn too?

2. All the girls say I am pretty fly 

3. You're vs. Your 

5. Hi Mom!!

6. Spoiler alert. Hope you watched the "The Sixth Sense."

7. Sex police 

 8. Damn Internet.

9. Darn you Caitlin!!

10. Bruce Wayne is going to be so mad.

And Happy Father's Day to all you magnificent dads out there.

I will persevere. I will be the stream. I will keep moving forward.


  1. That gave me some giggles! Thanks for making my afternoon cheery. I hope you have a fabulous father's day... because I think you're a fabulous father!

    Ps. The you're>your is my favorite.
    A pet peeve of mine.

  2. Those are great. I just saw one today-'click here for free porn'. I'm not that clever to come up with a catchy name, mine is just Cisco and the numbers. Boring.

  3. No.8 amused me no

    Here's hoping you have a fabulous father's day. I agree with silly rabbit, you ARE a fabulous father.

  4. That reminds me of "Big Bang Theory"
    Sheldon made their Wi-Fi say something like:
    "Penny you freeloader get your own Wi-Fi connection"

    I liked #2

    Have a great Father's Day.

  5. I'm just not creative enough to really name my something like that. Then there would be the hassle of reprogramming all of the devices that connect automatically to it.
    Hope you had a great father's day too.

  6. Pretty fly for wifi is funny!! Someone posted a picture of someone naming theirs FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN haha I thought that was funny

  7. Those were fun! I want a porno bat cave in the worst way . . .

  8. And a porno butler, for that matter.


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