Mr. Shife's March Madness - Day 21

  • Why isn't there a Bird Bath and Beyond?
  • When a homeless guy is robbed, is it also considered a home invasion? 
  • Dear people at NASA, Do you ever say "It's not rocket science!" to your coworkers? Sincerely, I would.
  • I am hoping there is a GroupOn class to help accessorize your daughter because I am going to need help with Little Miss Hayden. I know absolutely nothing about pig tails, braids, leggings, stockings, shoes, nails, etc. 
  • I have been limiting my Facebook time to about 5 minutes a day. I have just spent way too much time on that giant time suck.

  • Thanks for stopping by. 

    Obviously this is a picture of Hayden in the bath tub but as you can see she is dressed in her PJs and enjoying her binky. Well after she got done with her bath and was ready for bed, she made a mad dash back to the tub then hopped back in. I guess she wanted to rinse and repeat, and now we know to drain the tub immediately. Always learning something new being a parent. 


    1. And she's so happy with herself!

    2. I can't comment on your post because I was highly distracted by that picture of pure sweetness. Too cute that little girl is of yours!

    3. Cute picture :) good old facebook always count on that for wasting time.

      Thanks for playing again brackets are up good luck

    4. Oh my, look at the mischief written in that darling face. Parenting is an ongoing learning

      'pig tails, braids, leggings, stockings, shoes, nails, etc'

      ... just shows that parenting is an ongoing learning

    5. I robbed a of homeless guy once, got an aluminum can and a piece of string.
      I agree with Ms Moon, she does look happy with herself.


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