Mr. Shife's March Madness - Day 18

Yes I did almost go to bed without posting tonight.
I just got extremely busy at being lazy.
Wow. I apologize for that and I hope I come up with a better excuse for my lethargic behavior.
I could always go with I am really exhausted after my Jazzercise class and knitting Tank a peter heater but that would sound really lame.
Anyway I do have something to share.
In my quest to live up to the title of the blog - A Dumb, White Guy - and to also wrap up Father of the Year early, I present my latest crowning achievement in trying to scar my children for life.
The most recent victim was Kyle.
This happened a few weeks ago but I just now feel comfortable sharing with you how bad I can be at this whole parenting thing.
I woke up to my son sobbing and scared because nobody came into his room to get him when he was ready to get up. Mrs. Shife was up early teaching one of her exercise classes so I had to be ready to get up with the kids today. They like to wake up early. Like 6 am. I am deaf in one ear, and if I sleep with my bad ear up I don't hear anything. When Mrs. Shife heads out to her class at 4:45 am she lets me know so I roll over with my good ear up so I can hear the kids. Well I guess I thought she was home or something because I turned back over to my bad ear being up sometime later. She wasn't home yet and poor Kyle kept calling for Mama or Dada but nobody came. =(
Eventually he came into our room to find out what was going on and that is when I woke up completely horrified at what I did to him.
Thanks for stopping by.

I am doing my best not to scar this little angel but I am afraid Little Miss Hayden will feel the sting of a dumb, white guy being her daddy. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Go easy on yourself. We all scar our kids inadvertently because we are human. I left my daughter in our car once to run into the school to pick up her homework when she was sick. She was in Kindergarten (5 years old). I turned the alarm on the car and locked the doors. She felt like getting out of the car for some reason and set off the alarm. Meanwhile, other parents are coming over to help her since she's crying and screaming. I come out to the scene. Now she will NOT stay in the car alone, and she's 10 years old.

  2. matt, being deaf and asleep is hardly bad parenting and guess what? now he knows that if he wakes up and you're not there he can come get you.
    i'm not even going to start on stories of parenting oddities, mine would make your hair stand on end and i am a good mother

  3. Stop it, Matt. You are NOT A BAD FATHER. Understood? Like Kylie says, little Kyle now knows that he can come in to wake you. Now stop being so hard on yourself and have a nice day. that's an order *wink*

  4. Dude- if that's the worst thing you do to scar your kids they are some lucky kids.
    Trust me.

  5. He will recover. Be grateful that was all he walked in on ;-)

  6. I know I'm a little late to chime in here but the fact that you're worried about how Kyle will handle this, is a fact that you are a GREAT parent. You are not a strung out parent who was sleeping off the night before's drinking or drugging binge. You just happened to sleep on the wrong ear, no crime in that ;-)

  7. Kylie said what I was going to say, cut yourself some slack dude!


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