Mr. Shife's March Madness - Day 17

Today I had no problem coming up with a topic for my blog because it is the lovely and wonderful Mrs. Shife's birthday. So happy birthday to the most beautiful wife in the world from the luckiest husband in the world. I can honestly say that I am extremely blessed to have her as my wife, best friend and partner in crime. And besides that she is amazing, talented, gifted, brilliant and not too shabby as a Mom either. I thank the universe every day for bringing her into my life and I love her and look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

I have had the good fortune to wish Mrs. Shife a happy birthday for 16 years, and we have had some good times celebrating her special day. One of the most memorable birthdays is below from 2006 and I thought I would share it again. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Hello everybody. Just in case you were wondering I have been off the reservation for the last few days. Mrs. Shife and I have had family in town since last Thursday and I took a few days off to enjoy their company.
I know what you are thinking, what color underwear is he wearing? Black. Thanks for thinking of me in my underwear. I swear every time I start blogging with you this happens. Get your mind out of the gutter.
OK let’s get back to business.
We had family in town for a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Shife. I am sorry I couldn’t tell you about it but I had to keep it a surprise. Anyway I have been planning this for months and it was difficult keeping it a secret from my lovely wife. And I am still not sure how I did it because she is one smart lady. Mrs. Shife came home from work Friday and I told her we needed to go out to a bar for a drink to celebrate her birthday and I had to tell her something. She was suspicious because I had been acting funny that day so I needed to distract her so I wouldn’t blow the secret. We get to the bar and I told her I got promoted at work and they wanted me to move to Chicago. This is a possibility because my company has an office there and my family lives in Illinois so Mrs. Shife knows I might want to move there. She buys the fib and we discuss the pros and cons of moving to Chicago, and I must say that I could have been an actor because I put on one helluva performance. After a lengthy discussion about Chicago, I finally get the call from the family that Operation Mrs. Shife is in place and we can bring home the victim. We head home and she walks into the house to be surprised by 16 relatives. It was awesome, and I have been told by Mrs. Shife that I am going to be nominated for husband of the year. I just figure I am going to get a kick-ass birthday present next month.

And here we are in Mexico. One of my favorite pictures of us. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Wishing you a very happy Birthday Mrs Shife!

  2. Aw...Happy birthday, Ms. Shife.
    And may you go back to Mexico one of these days.

  3. happy birthday mrs shife.

    long may you run!

  4. I'm sure I've said it here before, but you know you've married the right person when you're constantly thinking how lucky you are.

  5. I would have been totally wrong I would have guessed Blue

    Happy Birthday Mrs Shife

  6. A St. Patrick's Day baby ;-) Happy Birthday to the woman who keeps you going and keeps you together. And maany mooore...;-D

  7. Happy Birthday to the light of your life. Oh and Jon's comment is absolutely right.


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