Mr. Shife's March Madness - Day 12

Funk me.
I don't know what it is about this time of year but I just get a little blue.
Self-doubt, sad, unmotivated, indifferent, negative and just all-around blah.
A little voice inside my head just telling me that I am worthless.
I know this is not true but when you are feeling melancholy you tend to be irrational.
A friend of mine gave me some advice and said I should give this voice a name.
And then after I give it a name, then tell it to shut the hell up and suck it.
I calling my that negative voice Tobias.
Why Tobias?
I was going to go with Funky because I always say to myself that I must have eaten some funky charms when I am miserable. However, I thought I could do better than that. Then Funky reminded of F√ľnke, which was the last name of one of the characters on one of my favorite shows "Arrested Development." His first name was Tobias.
I also apologize because it seems like every now and then I bring up the depression topic, and I am sure you have better things to do than hear about my gloom and doom.
When it does flare up I take my meds but sometimes they just are not enough to get me over the hump.
I am just glad it only happens every now and then because otherwise I would be obese. Usually my sweet tooth is activated during these periods of unhappiness, and I will polish off a half-gallon of ice cream or in this case nearly the entire frosted strawberry sheet cake that Kyle made.
So that is that. Oh before I forget, Tobias shut the hell up and suck it.
Hope all is well with you.

I am hoping I feel like I do in this picture real soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Frankly- who gives a shit what people are or are not interested in? If the blog is for anything, it is for us to be able to say what we need to say.
    Say it.
    It's okay.

  2. I am interested in what you say about depression. In fact I could have written this post. The way I send depression packing is loudly and with some of the worst swear words I learnt in the navy. I hope Tobias fucks off soon.

  3. I wouldn't worry. I think we all have those same thoughts, some more than others. Believe me, it's something I've been dealing with a long, long time. I just wish I could say it as well as you do.

  4. the end of winter is a bad time

  5. Something to look forward to 3-21-2013. I know it will probably be like 12 - 21 - 2012 a non-event, but just in case...
    I don't know if you are into remote viewing research but, well it's a long story. A group of remote viewers could not get past that date.
    There was some kind of blue light, like a religious or psychedelic experience. I know, sounds loco.
    Just drive as little as possible on that date.

  6. I wondered if it was the time of year that brought on the depression... you know, lousy weather, Pee'd off with winter weather, spring on the way but not yet showing itself, that sort of thing. One good thing is that you'll soon be back to your old jolly self. Ooops, did I say old? I really didn't mean to make you feel worse *wink*

  7. i think watching john from cincinnati will brighten things up. it sure works for me.

  8. Here's the link you asked about
    I kind of hope it's real, but it's so far out, even for me.

  9. Eat some chocolate and get some sunlight, man. We all have our own Tobiases that we have to ignore.

    You're the best, around...nothing's ever gonna keep you down.

    Just don't sweep the leg, Johnny.


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