Mr. Shife's March Madness - Day 11

  • Anyone else weigh themselves before and after they pee? Just me. Cool. Just checking. 
  • Anyone watch "The Following"? I do but it is slowly starting to drift into the "I think I would rather practice acupuncture on my basset hound than watch another hour of this" category. I am willing to suspend my disbelief but it is getting difficult with this show.  
  • Daylight savings time can suck it. I understand why it made sense back in the day but now I think they do it just to torture parents of young children. Before I had kids it was a minor inconvenience but not that big of a deal. Now it sucks because the kid's napping schedule and bedtime routines are screwed up for about a week before things get back to normal. Good times. 
  • Our car had a funky odor recently. First we thought it was the car seats so we doused them with Fabreze and that got rid of the smell for about a day. Nope not it.
  • Then we thought maybe some food got left behind by us or one of the kids that was hidden away under a seat. Nope not it .
    Then maybe it was the diaper bag and we accidentally left a used one in there. Nope not it.
    Turns out Hayden's sippy cup dripped a little bit, and some milk ended up underneath a car mat. So the milk would constantly freeze then warm up until it just smelled awful. Like a turd covered in burnt hair as someone eloquently said on "Anchorman." Below is a picture of the guilty party.

    Who me? I would never do anything like that Daddy. Quick buy me some more jewelry. 

    That is all. Have a nice evening.

    I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


    1. Nothing smells as bad as rotten milk. Your daughter is so darling though, that it doesn't seem as if anything associated with her could smell bad. I know this is just a fantasy.

    2. Er ... weighing before peeing? I wouldn't have time.... grins.

      I'm with you on the daylight saving thingy.... what a waste of time. I dread having to alter all our clocks.

      Poor Hayden, being the guilty party is not nice. More jewellery is definitely required.

    3. Quick, buy me some jewelry too ;-)

    4. I only weigh myself before/after I take a dump.


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