Random Acts of Shifeness

  • Kyle and I were recently introduced to Hayden's musical skills. Not too shabby for a 14-month-old but I might be biased. 

  • Hayden has also discovered that her index finger fits perfectly inside her nose. 
  • I know there has been enough ball talk on here to last a lifetime but I did have another follow up this week because of my surgery complications. The verdict is that I am healing up but it is going to take some time. Like 2 weeks before everything looks normal again. Also, the doctor was concerned that I might have an infection so he started me on a round of antibiotics. Guess what is the big side effect of the pills I have to take? If you said diarrhea you are a big winner. An autographed copy of my future book "Life After Testicles: The Advantages of a Castration over a Vasectomy" will be in the mail soon. I really wish someone would let me borrow a time machine so I could go back to Jan. 31. 
  • I was also told by my doctor when I came in for this follow up that he wanted a sample of my swimmers. I assumed he wanted me to do it while I was at his office, which of course made me a little nervous. Do I have to use my imagination? Do they have a secret secret stash of material hidden in one of the offices to help motivate folks who need to get up for the task? Well I was way off as he gave me a to-go cup so I can take care of business at home and bring it back to the lab.  
  • All that ball talk also got my site blocked. One of my buddies tried to check out my blog at work but his network administration shut it down because they thought it was a porn site. I am so proud of myself sometimes.
  • A big shout out to my writing coach. She is awesome. Step 1 of my book is complete: the query letter.  Now we are working on my book's introduction, and then I will send it off to literary agents. Another step closer to completing a dream. Thank you Dana.
  • How was your Valentine's Day? The wife and I do not celebrate the Hallmark holiday but Kyle did with all of his friends at pre-school. It was fun helping him make his cards, and sign his name. He is at the tracing stage of his writing career. I write out his name for him, and then he traces over the letters. The little man is definitely going to be a lefty. 
  • Finally, I was watching a video today of people getting surprised by their loved ones who had been over in Iraq or Afghanistan. I was in tears about 10 seconds - I blame that on the vasectomy - and I noticed something: the way the parents would hug their children. It was a different type hug than husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. Maybe it is because I am a parent now or maybe I just have not noticed before because I am a dumb, white guy. Anyway it just made me really miss my Mom because after I graduated from high school I would only get to see her a few times a year  so when saw each other it was a really good hug. 
  • Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

  • I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


    1. Congrats on getting the book project rolling. Way to go!
      Little Haley is going to be rolling with the likes of Jake and Elwood with that harp. Too cute. Kyle can be back up on the pots and pans perhaps. Or her booking agent. Valentines Day we made our traditional chocolate-covered dipped strawberries. I'm still diggin them. #OINK Have agreat weekend SuperDad ;-D

    2. Isn't that sweet, both of our little girls had videos today ;-) So funny about your blog getting blocked, you should be proud. Valentines Day was always so much fun in the pre-school, grade school days. Enjoy them and give them those great parental hugs because before you know it, your kids will be as big as mine :-(

    3. I always leave your site with a smile on my face. Hayden definitely has talent. Thank you for that, Matt. Good news about your book, not such good news about the infection. Hope all clears up pretty soon. Hope you have a great weekend.

    4. Hayden = mouth organ prodigy!

      LOVE hearing their giggles too while she was playing. Savor these moments! :)

    5. Man, the harmonica is the only musical instrument I can play and Hayden is already better than I am!

      It's good to hear the book thing is moving along, if it's anything like your blog, it should be quite entertaining.

    6. sonny brownie and hayden! has a nice ring to it.

      i celebrated valentine's day by watching lewis black's bit on xmas gifts and valentines day.

      they say some good yogurt to replace the bacteria killed by the antibiotics will help the digestive problem.

    7. I love the harmonica.

      And hugs from a parent, always a special thing. You suddenly feel safe and loved and warm and all the things that make everything scary disappear. I bet Kyle and Hayden get that every day from you!

    8. haha I love that this blog has now become a porn site way to go Shife!!

      What does he want the sample for better make sure before little shife's are knocking on your door or you show up on Maury

    9. Glad to see you or on the road to recovery. Still scared as hell now...

      Watched a lot of those videos too. Just amazing.

      Now I'm gonna watch Hayden play the harmonica again!

    10. A harmonica was also one of Colin's presents during the holidays this year. Glad things are going well, and keep up the good work on the book.


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