Random Acts of Shifeness

  • I had to change my comment settings. Sorry. I was getting upwards of 50 spams a day in my e-mail account from "Anonymous" and it was driving me nuts. If you have problem leaving a comment please email me at mrshife@yahoo.com 
  • The S & M Ranch has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? On a drive one day, Mrs. Shife and I were enjoying the beautiful homes on the way to Sun Valley and a few of them went so far to name their property like "The Anderson Ranch" and stuff like that. We then thought what we would name our ranch, and I came up with "The S & M Ranch." Why? Well S is the first initial in Mrs. Shife's name and M is mine. So yep when we can afford our own ranch that is what we are going to call it. I look forward to the solicitors we might get. 
  • Little Miss Hayden is walking, and I have proof.

  • She also likes to wave, and I have proof of that too.

  • Kyle makes me laugh. We got a new bath tub installed and I asked him if he would like to take a bath in the new tub. There was a moment's hesitation and then he blurted out "Are you kidding me?" He also told me that I turned on the ABC instead of the heat because he was still cold in the car. 
  • If you have a moment, read this inspiring obituary written by the woman herself. She may have lost her battle to cancer but her words will live on and motivate many.
  • I don't do this often but if you would not mind sending positive energy and thoughts to my sister-in-law and her babies that would be awesome. She gave birth to her twins today, and she was only 30 weeks along so they were pretty little - the little girls is 2 pounds, 14 ounces, and the little boy is 3 pounds, 1 ounce. So far everyone is doing well but good thoughts are still needed and appreciated. 
  • Like father, like son. If you are going to be a clown, you have to wear the make up.

  • I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


    1. I meant to add a quote of the week to my blog but I forget and I also wanted to check to see how easy it was to leave a comment. Anyway, QOTW: "Check yourself before you wreck yourself."

    2. Awww Hayden is doing so well, you should have heard my utterances when I saw her walking. Bless her. Yes, Kyle is funny, he's growing up so FAST.

      I barred all anonymous comments by changing this setting:
      'Only blog authors.
      Your blog is restricted so that only blog authors can read it.
      Other visitors to this blog will not be able to read any posts; instead they will get a message stating that this is a private blog.'

    3. I expected trouble when I posted the comment, Matthew ... or at last the word verification thing. Instead I got through straight away, no hiccups, nothing.

    4. Ah, I love that little drunken sailor of a daughter you have! She is growing up. She is beautiful.

    5. i'm guessing kyle hears his mother saying "are you kidding me" more than you saying it.

      have an excellent weekend and good luck to the cardinals.

    6. I don't blame you for changing your comment settings. I get spam daily too, mostly on my post about spam, ha. Kyle is a hoot and a chip off the 'ol (clown) block.

    7. The first video made me laugh too. I'm glad all is well, have a good weekend.

    8. Your kids are still super super cute.

      That comment stuff is annoying. Every day I get several that are complete crap and am considering changing my settings too.

    9. For some reason I don't have the same issues with the commenting features, and I don't know why. I think the easy answer is less traffic, but I've noticed the CAPTCHA stuff is getting harder and harder to read.

    10. Umm I think the biggest ? what are you going to be for Halloween??

      Sending positive vibes buddy :)


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