384 words about Kyle ... mostly

Any guesses on what the topic of my post might be about? Did the title give it away? Well the little man has entertained me thoroughly this week and I thought I would share some of it with you.

The first story is from Tuesday as I was reminded by my 3-year-old not to take life so seriously. I was sitting at the kitchen table reading article after article on the computer about the Cardinals epic collapse in the baseball playoffs and feeling more and more crestfallen. Then I hear a door open down the hallway and then the sounds of footsteps heading my way. Kyle was supposed to be taking a nap and I was expecting it to be my lovely wife to join me in the kitchen. Well I was wrong. I look up from the doom and gloom on my screen and my frown is turned completely upside down as I see Kyle heading towards the living room completely naked. He peeled off all of his clothes in his room and decided it was party time. He just looked at me, said "Hi Da Da" and then just giggled as he started running around the house playing a game of chase with Tank. Sure I am disappointed my team lost but it is just a game. The game that really matters is being a good Dad to my boy. So I shut the computer down and started playing chase with Tank and that 3-foot-4-inch naked little dude.

My next Kyle story involves a trip to the grocery store. We went down the road to get some ice cream. It was raining outside so I carried Kyle in my arms as we headed into the store. As I was carrying him, Kyle's butt erupted with a loud fart. I asked him if he tooted, and he said yes. Then I asked him why he tooted on my arm, and he responded with "because that is what Kyles do." I laughed a lot as we entered into the store.

So how was your week?

Since I spent the whole time talking about Kyle, I better include a picture of Little Miss Hayden and Tank too.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. That's what Kyles do, so great. I love how their little minds work.

  2. 'That's what Kyles do' ... wonderful. That's a gem for future conversations and one you'll never forget.

    The picture of Kyle is great, he is such a handsome little boy.

  3. That's why I love kids. 100% honesty and zero shame. I would say I'm looking forward to moments like that, but I fear they're already here.

  4. A wonderful post. My boy is grown up now. I think I might find me a woman, and have another one!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  5. these are your golden moments. 30 years from now you'll be watching tv by yourself thinking, man, i'd love to hear kyle fart right now.

    i can even smile thinking about calling the plumber after the girl decided to throw her brother's toys in the toilet.

  6. That's fantastic. I've known a few Kyles, and I'm pretty sure they have all farted in such a manner.

    We're all very depressed here in St. Louis. But this is a baseball town, and it's funny how we're counting down to opening day.

  7. Great post!

    It's amazing how kids can make you forget your troubles.

  8. I don't think people should post pictures of their kids on internut sites where every sick sucker in the world can grab copies of them and do as they wish with them.

    They're best put on sites where you can control who is going to see them.

  9. ha what a great week for you huh?

    I need to take lessons from you but I am too competitive kids don't cheer me up after my Boilers collapse time and time again


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