Dropping a Deuce

I hope the title of this blog post does not have you cringing and worrying that I am going to take off my hat, and then just dump a hot, fresh pile of clever and witty thoughts. Sorry. Not today. And sorry for painting that unflattering and unnecessary picture. I am just going to share 2 things today. That is all.

  • My e-mail address is mrshife@yahoo.com, and every time I tell someone that address over the phone, I always have to spell it out because what I say and what they hear are not even in the same county. It is always interesting what they come up with. I guess it is probably a little like going through the drive-thru and having to repeat your order 47 times. So I say "M ... R ... S ... H ... I ... F as in Frank ... E ... @yahoo.com." The F is always tricky over the phone as I must mumble or I sound like I am gargling Doritos when I pronounce my Fs. Anyway just to be a devilish bastard I am thinking about adding mrshif_asinfrank_e@yahoo.com to my list of e-mail addresses. I guess I am feeling ornery today.
  • The second item of the blog post is a video of Hayden with Kyle's voice in the background trying to make her laugh. The princess was having a rough morning as you can see in the video by how red her eyes are from crying,  and I could not do anything to make her happy but big brother came to the rescue. He was bouncing around on the couch and making dragon noises and evidently that is what appeases 6-month-old baby girls these days. I think my Daddy certification training for 6-month-olds might have expired.

  •  I will persevere. I will be moving forward. I will be the stream.


    john bain said…
    Have you seen the youtube video of the baby laughing at daddy tearing paper. It is very funny.
    Valerie said…
    Loved the video, babies are adorable when they laugh. Good on Kyle for succeeding in making Hayden laugh.

    Email addresses are THE most awful things to try and explain. My Yahoo addy is so complicated I set up a second one that was easier to describe. I only recently discovered that I could have multiple Yahoo addresses.

    Hope you're feeling better today.
    Jon said…
    Colin is on my lap for our morning routine of Blue's Clues for him and coffee for me. I started to play the video and he looked at it, said "A baby!" and began to wave hello to her.
    You are killing me with the cuteness! I love it!

    This reminds me of when my twins were babies and my older daughter (who was 2) made them laugh so hard that I felt kind of unnecessary. Something about seeing another kid is always more fun to babies than an adult I guess.
    Ms. Moon said…
    My heart just melted.
    billy pilgrim said…
    if i had a dollar for every time ruby drop a duece in a crowded park i'd buy a really good bicycle.
    kden said…
    I admit I did hesitate at the title, thought it would be a potty training story, ha. Cute video, Kyle to the rescue.
    Jaime Leigh said…
    Moving forward...love that! Attempting some of that these days myself. It's time for a few changes!

    p.s. some seriously adorable children you have!!!
    Phats said…
    That video is awesome!! Also i think that you should add that email for sure haha
    silly rabbit said…
    What a darling video! She's a charmer, Sife... watch out. Yay! for big brothers. Though you can tell she is pretty happy looking at the daddy cam too.

    I love the email idea. I have a similar issue with "S" as part of my address. People on the phone think I am saying "F" and so my spiel goes "S as in Sam".
    Red said…
    In the spirit of your post title I will say she is a cute little toot!

    And I totally hate explaining my email address. I've come up with my own Charlie Foxtrot way of conveying it though. "S" as in Sister, "M" as in Mary, "C" as in Catherine, patrick. I get a chuckle out of it. Maybe I'll make it an alias. I failed Catholicism though I think I could still rock a habit.
    Great looking baby! I wasn't at all scared by the title. Quite the contrary: I was HOPING for a Poop Post.