Take A Chance On Me

For those of you familiar with the ABBA song referenced in the title, I apologize as I know you might have trouble getting that song out of your head.
So it has happened again, I have turned another year older. It certainly beats the alternative and it is nice breaking my days alive streak again.
As I approached this milestone, I found myself thinking quite a bit about being this old. Is there where I thought I would be at this point in my life? Honestly no. I never thought  I wanted to be married, I really never thought I wanted kids, and I really, really never thought I would be at home all day taking care of babies. Fortunately, fate, chance, destiny, or whatever you want to call it thought otherwise, and here I am.
I also realized how often I have lived my life by taking a chance. Hoping that my instincts were right and that I had embarked on the right path.
After I got out of the Navy when I just turned 21, I was still unsure about a lot of stuff including what to do with my life. I literally and figuratively had no clue as to what I wanted to do. I almost joined Army, I almost moved to Las Vegas, I almost went to a small college to play soccer, but then I watched "Animal House."
I knew what I wanted to do.
I wanted to party, and I wanted to be in the Greek system. That is all it took to convince me to go to the University of Idaho. I then joined a fraternity, and if it was not for me trusting my instincts and taking a chance, I have no freakin' idea where I would be right now.
Without the fraternity, I would not have met some of my closest and dearest friends and I would not have met my lovely wife. Taking a chance on love, I decided to forego film school to see if she was the one, and it turns out she was most definitely the one. And without the lovely Mrs. Shife, I would not have two babies that I love with all my heart and that have changed me in such profound ways.
Trust me, I have also taken chances that have not been so fruitful and led to some painful lessons learned. But in the end, all of the chances that I did take were leading me down a grander plan that I could not even comprehend.  As Garth Brooks once sang, "Yes my life is better left to chance. I could have missed the pain but I'd of had to miss the dance."

Kyle and Hayden discussing the therapeutic effects of Ted E. Bear. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Oh it did my heart good to read this post. It's marvellous how life pans out, isn't it? Belated birthday greetings.

    (Yes, the screen wipes are great on TV screens.)

  2. I totally agree. I think when a person plans and plans, things happen anyway so why not just go with the flow and take chances and do whatever feels right. You never know what experiences you would miss if you didn't just go the direction you feel is right at the time.

    As always, your kids are both beautiful!

  3. It's all you can do, really. Just jump in when the beat is right. Raise your arms to the sky, twirl around and see which way you're facing when you open your eyes.
    Go from there.

  4. The ABBA song started in my head before I read the first line of the post. This post also reminds me of the line "Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road..."
    Looks like you made the right decisions at the right times. Have a good weekend. (I probably won't, I have to help someone move and it's suppose to rain.)

  5. Even though you may not have known where you were going, you sure ended up in the right place. Happy Birthday!

    I never wanted kids but I'm so happy that the Universe had another plan for me ;-)

  6. When I was cleaning the house today, I had that song stuck in my head, which I will blame on you. Now, I also had "Big Pimpin" stuck in there too, which I'm not sure who to blame on.

  7. we're all the victims of a series of accidents. fortunately you've had good accidents.

    happy birthday, i predict you'll have several good accidents this year.

  8. I wasn't going to listen to Abba tonight, but now I pretty much have to. Consider yourself blamed.

  9. Happy birthday again Shife! I am so glad that you had the happy accidents that led you to where you are today. I can't imagine you as anyone else, with anyone else or without those two cuties! I would never have learned what a mud falcon or an ambushed paddington was if you had not opened your blog. But in all seriousness, I truly enjoy having these bits and pieces of your life that you share. =:) Cheers!

  10. Happy Birthday, Shife...again.

    It seems we're getting older. And it's pretty cool to chronicle all of these milestones on the web.

    Love Animal House. That's pretty close to my own college experience as well. And I was pledge master, so I felt responsible for the young guys. I'm proud to say nobody got anything lower than a C in any of my pledge classes, nor did anyone ever get killed, hazed, or need to get their stomach pumped.

  11. Happy Birthday Shife!! Hope it was a great one my friend

  12. Awwwww. He looks like a good big brother.

    Wonder if he'll join a frat?


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