March Madness - Day 6

Highlights from the Rookie Dad Journal:

January 8 - 7-weeks-old today and she is already wearing 6-month-old clothes and sleeping through the night ... whose kid is this?

January 9 - Kyle can now toot on command. He is proud of this fact and the giggles that it produces when he does it.

January 12 - Kyle might have a little music in his bones as he likes playing the harmonica. He discovered it over at Aunt Kacey’s house and I picked him up one at the toy store so now he just drives around in his truck playing the harmonica.

January 13 - Kyle can count to 10, knows his colors, and a majority of the alphabet. Not too shabby for a 2 1/2-year-old.

January 14 - Just amazed sometimes as I watch Kyle talk and play because he is transitioning from a toddler to a little boy. Glad I get to spend so much time with him and see all of this happen.

January 20 - Starting to write down ideas for what to get Kyle for this 3rd birthday and right now it is hockey sticks, a Bulls jersey, and a new desk. I am pretty sure this list will change by the time his birthday rolls around.

January 26 - Bought Kyle some detangling conditioner for his hair. We put it in and boy, oh, boy, does someone have a lot of curls. Don’t know if he will keep them but right now he has head full of curly hair.

February 7 - If I had to pick today what Kyle is going to grow up to be then I would pick a chef. He loves making stuff. He doesn’t want to eat it but he likes making it.

February 8 - Hayden has mastered the art of smiling. She just knows when she does it she can get whatever she wants.

February 10 - Both of the kids slept in until after 8 in morning. It was awesome.

February 16 - Serious potty training has begun. We are motivating Kyle with the “Cars” movies. When he goes potty he gets a sticker, and when he gets 5 stickers then he gets to watch “Cars.” He got four stickers today.

February 18 - Sarah finally got tired of Kyle’s wild hair so he got it all chopped off this morning and looks like he is ready for military school. It does look a lot better.

February 22 - We welcomed to Diego to the cartoon rotation as Kyle is a big fan of “Go Diego Go.”

February 23 - We have decided we are going to live to fight another day with Kyle’s potty training. He just doesn’t seem to be ready so we will try again in a few weeks.

March 1 - Hayden thought she would start out March by rolling over. It is just the beginning.

March 2 - Now Hayden is starting to laugh and I think next on her to-do list is crawling. I am not ready for that. Nope. No way.

March 5 - Hayden’s 6-month-old clothes are starting to get a little tight. I can’t believe this is my kid.

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you tomorrow.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. I understand completely. Colin is wearing size 9 shoes, and jabbers constantly. We're testing the waters (no pun intended) on the potty training; mostly just getting him familiar with the new potty in the bathroom that no one else touches except him. Good luck with it.

  2. She is beautiful! And I loved reading this-brings me back to when mine were little and how happy it made me to be with them so much that I got to see all of these kinds of things. School (both mine and theirs) is really making me miss them and realize that they are little for such a tiny amount of time. My youngest is 8 and I wish I could rewind and do it all again. (and I do realize this makes me sound really really old and lame, sorry!)

  3. I loved reading all these points, they made me remember the progress my lad made when he was young. It's nice that you're with them to see all the changes and I'm glad you're writing them down so you can look back and feel nostalgic. Happy days.


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