March Madness - Day 13

Today is definitely a better day. Something is in the works, and once I have all the details I will let you know. Until then, I need your help. If you could take a moment to read some of my older blog posts below, and then let me know which one you like the most I would really appreciate it. If you just stalk me and never comment, you can send me an email at to let me know what you think. Thank you so much for your help.
For your consideration:


  1. I'm not sure what the context of this will be, but I think story #1 is my selection. I was going to say "my favorite", but somehow, given the subject matter, that didn't seem like the right words to use.

  2. i'll stick with the classics and go with the pleated pants.

    is that tank with the big smile?

  3. I didn't realize you've been blogging for so long. And i'm very jealous of all of your readers, then and now.

    I guess I like the last one the best. Mostly because it's a place we've all been to before. Not Mexico, but maybe in a field or someplace so uncomfortable but absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for the laughs today.

  4. The thong story is definitely my choice ... I'm still laughing. How long before we know what this is all about?


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