March Madness - Day 1

Drum roll please.
Well my big blogging surprise is that I have taken up squirrel taxidermy and I am going to share my work with you. Are you going to be able handle 31 days of stuffed squirrels?

Me either.
The surprise is you do get 31 days of me but I will just be blogging about stuff besides a rodent flashing his nuts. You don't know how long I have been wanting to write those words.
Two years ago I had the countdown to my 40th birthday.
Last year I had the countdown to Miss Hayden's birth.
So this year I am counting down until the end of March
It is March Madness around the Shifley household because we have 2 birthdays, 1 spring break, and whatever else that shows up.
That is it. My blogging plan for March.
What do you think?

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. haha I love it!

    Don't forget my bracket contest that I am sure you're destined to win this year.

    Our spring break is in April

  2. Yay! 31 days of crazy confessions!

    Your nutty rodent made me laugh. I once saw a tiny band, complete with small instruments made up of taxidermied mice. I wanted to buy it, but the X firmly refused. To me it seemed just too weird to pass up.
    Can you imagine?

  3. Goodness is it two years since.... wow!

    Stuffed squirrels... do you want any extra bodies. I have a few I'd like to get rid of, squirrels I mean.

    A March countdown sounds good... even though it helps make the year go faster.

    Hugs for little princess and the growing prince.

  4. I think that was enough squirrel nuts for quite some time.
    Love...Ms. Moon

  5. and best of all winter will disappear in march!!

  6. Somewhere across the Rainbow Bridge in Squirrel Heaven this little guy is thinking, "I died for this??". That entire sentence (including this post) is LEWDicrous. LOL #seewhatIdidthere


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