OT: Day 7

Hello there. Another day, and another report of nada.
Mrs. Shife goes to the doctor tomorrow to do some stress testing to make sure everything is OK under the hood. Honestly, everyone is doing fine but we are just waiting for something to happen.
The baby doctor told us he will not let Mrs. Shife go 42 weeks because that is when things can get scary for the baby and Momma.
I really want to post some news because I am running out of ways to say nothing is happening and recent pictures of Kyle to put on the blog.
Hope all is well wherever you are visiting from.
Take care.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Well darn. That's good that they are taking good care of the Mrs. and baby. I hope you have a relaxing Sunday in the meantime. Things are good here. Except for the football hangover. Ha.

  2. Cute sign! Yea, I bet you didn't think you'd have to come up with all this overtime material. Looking forward to an update tomorrow after the appointment.

  3. It may look like nothing is going on but there is. I promise.

  4. so stop posting for lack of material and it will surely make something happen.

    a watched pot never boils but if you turn away you can et your life it will boil over

  5. I like kylie's post... it is so true. Living where I do makes me a day late checking in .. perhaps you'll take that into account when baby arrives.... SHOUT so I can hear you.

  6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mycapturedmoments/3884126297/


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