OT: Day 2

Hakuna habari mtoto bado. That is Swahili for no baby news yet.
I am humbled and grateful for everyone that stops by the blog to find out what is going with Baby Shife and the rest of the Shifes. Thank you.
Maybe tomorrow.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Was that an alarm clock I saw... does it work, I wonder. Now look, I've had this champagne poured for a few days now... if you don't hurry up it'll be really, really flat.

  2. Oh boy. When are they thinking induce?

  3. Here, here. We are here. Try not to let them induce. So many complications can arise.

  4. LOL at the pic!

    I agree with Ms. Moon... avoid inducing if you can. Due dates can be off by a few weeks. Natural is way better for mom and baby, unless there is a real need.

    I'll be waiting and thinking good thoughts. Baby will come soon.


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