OT: Day 10

Calling all wind talkers, code breakers, intelligence agents, super spies, deciphering dudes, encryption experts, and blogging buddies, what does this picture mean?

This is what I found on the floor after Kyle went down for his nap. He is really getting into letters and numbers, and now he is organizing them by colors. It is so entertaining watching him sort his letters out and say what he thinks the letter or number might be out loud.

Oh by the way, still nothing going on with Baby Shifley. Mrs. Shife has another stress test tomorrow, and then she has an appointment with the baby doctor. Then we will decide what our options are if the baby decides to continue with Occupy Sarah's Belly.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Ha! Smart little fellow!

    It almost looks like the ones on the left say "kept a frog" and the other "opposed 8". Clearly he found the best frog!

  2. Clever boy. He has a language all of his own and it could be better than the one we all know and love.
    They say no news is good news... I'm impatient to know more about the good news.

    Word verification mitoofi... Kyle has obviously been at it again.

  3. That's so cute! Everytime I see your OT days climb, I cringe. Poor Mrs., hope she's feeling fine otherwise.

  4. Korean Pride Frog Opposes Dallas 58

  5. Wow. I love the photo. Sorting. A useful and admirable skill. Wheat from chaff, men from boys, etc.
    Best of luck with the baby.


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