4 Days and Counting

The setting is ominous: A dimly lit home on a cold, Fall evening. Not one where the sleep-deprived or wary tread. The parents ready themselves for a toddler attack that could come at any moment. After all, there must be danger nearby. He is 2 1/2-years-old boy hopped up on sugar. Sure it seems safe for now, but is it ... is it ever? Then someone breaks the silence, "It's way too quiet in Kyle's room."
And he got us again.
The little man was playing "I Dump It." Every 2-year-old's favorite game. The object is for the little person to dump out as much stuff as they can before their parents realize it is way too quiet back there. Kyle decided to go with 2 cans of butt powder and he thought the powder would look outstanding on his stuffed animals. And his dresser. And his toy chest. And his diapers. Good times.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Powder is such a quiet way to destroy an area, isn't it?
    When Owen is too quiet in his room, he is usually tearing apart his fish tank.

  2. Good times and more to come but, hey, you wouldn't change them.

    You're nearly running out of days to count. Yippee!

  3. I bet you will look back on this kind of stuff as the funniest parts of his childhood. When my twins were about a year old they smashed my other daughter's tea set against the tv over and over and it shattered into a million pieces. The funniest part about that was my at the time 3 year old trying to explain to me why she couldn't just take it away from them because I didn't realize it had broken, just thought she was annoyed they were touching it. No one was hurt so once I moved them to a safer place while I cleaned it up it was the funnies thing ever to me. We still have the tv (which is chipped too!) and this remained one of the funniest things ever...until they colored on the wall with chap stick at nap time when they were about 2, which was also pretty funny.

    Your little man is adorable. I can't wait to hear about the baby! I'm thinking good thoughts for you!

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  5. Oops. Logged in my old account. Sorry about that.

    I just said that long periods of silence is always scary.

    Maybe his animals had chafed butts.

  6. Anonymous11/03/2011

    Haha... you need higher shelfs! :)


  7. Oh my. That eerie quiet only a toddler can create to instill fear in the hearts of his parents. Whatever you do... just don't fall asleep on the sofa.

  8. I have become an expert on cleaning up baby powder. The shop vac usually does the trick for me.


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