0 Days and Counting

Today is the day, but right now we have no baby news to report.
Nothing. Not a thing. Nil. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Zippo. Nada. Diddly squat.
So how is your day going?
Any suggestions on what I use for a title if I have to post tomorrow and beyond since I have counted down to 0?
I know the baby is coming soon, but we are just really excited to meet our new little person and want to know if it is a little brother or littler sister for Kyle.
A few days after Kyle was born, I was able to hold him all night long at home as I watched my favorite basketball team - North Carolina Tar Heels - beat Michigan State to win the National Championship. UNC and MSU rarely meet during the regular season because they are in different conferences so if they do play, it is usually during the NCAA tournament.
Well this Friday, the Tar Heels play Michigan State to start off the 2011 college basketball season. Coincidence or not? A sign from the universe? I guess I will find out if I am watching a basketball game at home holding my new son or daughter.
Take care.

I am not exactly sure what Kyle is doing in this picture. He might have been yawning or filling up his diaper or wondering why I am wearing a thong in November.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. One of the first things our babies teach us is that we have no real control. Let this baby be the stream, the river. He or she will make its way into life and it will be a miracle.
    Kiss your woman and tell her that a woman in Florida knows how she feels. Okay?

  2. Will do Ms. Moon. You are a smart woman and I will always follow your advice.

  3. I hated that waiting part! Again, my sincerest sympathy to Mrs. Shife. Well, and to you and Kyle too, because you're all excited and anxious.
    I'd look like that if I saw you in a thong too... no matter what time of the year. Ha!
    As for how to count... what about -1, -2, etc. I'll be here with my fingers crossed, waiting too.

  4. Tarheel doesn't really work as a name, though.

    Better go with Starscream.

    Congrats, buddy! You sound like a great dad.

  5. HA! that would be freaking crazy if the baby was born on the day of that game. That game is being played a carrier right?? You could always do negative numbers

    Best of luck I am sure the waiting is the worst

  6. Any moment now...

    I'm thinking you're having a girl.


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