16 Days and Counting

I usually try to keep the language clean on the blog, but not today. I fucking hate depression. Not that anyone I know enjoys it. For the most part, I am good to go on a regular basis, but there are days like today when I feel overwhelmed, uninspired, and miserable. I wish there was a magical pill you could take and it was blue skies, sunshine, and happy trails. I have to weather the storm, and I usually do OK managing the depression, but today I am just more crestfallen than usual. This to shall past but I just needed to vent a little bit. And remember the things that really matter.


Ms. Moon said…
I suffer from depression too, as you know. And one thing I have found is that it IS always darkest before the dawn. Not in a metaphorical sense but in a real one.
Hang in there. The good stuff will present itself again. I promise.
Jon said…
Well, there are pills that can do that for you, they're just illegal and cause permanent damage. I think you've got a lot to be thankful for, and if nothing else, playing with your child(ren) will always help. At least it does with me.
Megan said…
I wish you lived on my street. For reals. Kyle and me would totally be pals. Did I mention my totally awesome lego collection? And my teenage son that you could totally talk down off his "I know more about football than anyone" obsession? Sigh. Don't mean to be all stalkerish or anything... :)
I'm loving the countdown.
As for the depression. Well. It happens. Sleep is good for it. And being outside. Tough to get extra of those if you have a demanding job. Hope it passes soon.
Valerie said…
Glad my blog post cheered you up.
When down, think Kyle, and be thankful you are who you are.
just bob said…
I ordered my copy on Wednesday, should be here soon. I'm amazed by how many things, thoughts and feelings I have in common with him.

West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life
I was feeling similar the other day and finally am feeling better about everything. I get it, and I'm sorry you feel this way!
Jay Noel said…
I hope you feel better letting it all out. Often that's all we can do.
Hang in there, brother.